Why You Should Activate Glo 12GB For Your Android & BB10

6 years ago

I had written about the cheapest form of data on mobile device and Im still going to make a little more emphasis on it due to the fact that Network providers can be funny at times. At the time we expected Mtn Bis plusVPN to last long on various device, at least to ease Android, iPhone and PC users of excessive data consumption was when they blocked the ish with unapologetic anger. Blackberry users are always lucky on this as they have the best data plan ever.

However, I believe soonest, it will be unblocked and everyone is going to enjoy it. Samsung Android users should kindly accept my heartfelt apology for not responding to your comments on time regarding tweaking your imei; the last updates on that seems to have a little bug in which Im trying to fix. #BePatient!

If you are a normal Android users and you still spend more money on data then you are missing something somewhere. Tweaking your imei is something that has been so beneficial to almost all android users except the novice. Imaging a typical Android user carrying 2.5Gb over to the next month isnt that a testimony' lol!

But, as much as I trust my grandma, I don't trust Glo network provider, because they can decide to tweak BIS subscription not to work on infected IMEI. I know of some people who are finding it difficult to even subscribe for the Comonth plan. So if you've been eligible for that plan, try and do the following if you have it at your disposal.

How Can I get 12GB to Last me 4Months?
Well, it's good to have advance subscription so that even if they are going to stop android device from subscribing, you'll know that 12GB is smiling at you.
==> Send Comonth to 777 or dial *777*9# to activate 3GB for 1k.
==> Send the same code above after like 30mins or an hour interval and your validity will be extended to 60days with 6GB. You can repeat it again to complete 12GB.

It is better to have more than enough than not to have not enough. Mind you, even if its only 6GB that cost 3k is what you can afford, I ll suggest you activate it fast before Glo Network will employ a Chinese hacker to block all non bb devices from using Glo BB plan.

That is To say they are Currently Rocking!!!

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