7+1 Reasons Why I Would Not Revisit Your Blog

6 years ago

i Can Visit your Blog or Website, Manage to Read your content (sometimes I dont even read), But will Never Come Back, Thereby Increasing your Bounce Rate, and reducing your Returning Visitors! Why Would I ever Do this to someone? Read-on to Know Why!!

In order to excel in blogging, we need readers and without them, blogging is just a waste of time. Have you created time to check your analytics and study your bounce rate? And Also Increase In Returning Visitors?

The tips mentioned below is just one of the pinch of reasons why you have a high one and you can do some split testing to find out ways to reduce your bounce rate.

Why do we blog?

We blog for money; and how do we make money online?

We need traffic; and how do we generate traffic?

7+1 Reasons Why I Would Not Revisit Your Blog

1. You have an Unfriendly Design

There are some kinds of designs that can make your blog difficult to access, bad navigations, bad fonts (difficult to read) and many more.

It all originates from your theme and your configuration. Your blog design is the first thing that must be considered because that’s the first thing visitors will see when they land on your blog; they won’t hesitate to leave your blog if your design is not friendly.

My little advice for you is to go for an attractive and responsive theme and Thus this Will help You Very Well In Making You Blog Grow Successful

2. Your Content lacks Quality

If you’re on a journey to becoming a successful blogger then the first step you must take is to write quality contents on your blog. It’s already a national anthem and you know what’s on my mind; “Content is king”.

You’ve bypassed your design and you’ve gotten good grades for that right? Now it’s time you focus on writing quality contents (if you really want me to stay longer on your blog).

I do hear people saying that your content must have so and so amount of words before it can be called a quality content, I totally don’t believe that myth.

All you have to do is to write according to your style, regardless of the quantity of your content, if it has a good quality then you’ll gain readers that’ll read and share them but don’t write and relax thinking that your content will go viral.

It might be a little gold in a large desert. If you don’t promote your content then nobody is actually going to read them. be sure To Know How To also Know 10 Tips to Write A catchy Blog post

3. Your Popups are annoying

Popups are great ways to get more followers or subscribers and I use it on my blog to, I don’t see anything bad in it but most of us use it the wrong way (especially facebook popups) and this annoys readers of your blog.

Try configuring your popup to show up once or twice in a specific time interval and not to show always.

An example is visiting the homepage of a blog > welcomed by a facebook popup; clicking on your latest blog post > welcomed by a facebook popup > Navigate to one of your pages > welcomed by a facebook pop.

Duhh that’s too much, can you see that “X” button above your browser? I won’t hesitate to click it and I’m sure you’ll do the same if you’re in my shoes.


4. Too much Ads

Why would I go against having adsense on your blog? I have google adsense on mine too but it’s just in 3 permanent positions; my header and my sidebar and footer (For My desktop Theme) and for My Mobile I Got Just 1 at The Header For all Pages and Others Maybe Inside Posts.

According to Google’s policy, the maximum number of ad you can have on your blog is three or Maybe four but most of us went against that rule (by bombarding their blog with tons of ads) after complying with Google’s policy before getting adsense approval.

Avoid too much ads on your blog because majority of bloggers hate this and they will leave your blog if they’re distracted by it.

I also noticed that google adsense is one of the scripts that slows down our blog but never mind, you’re not a speed junkie like I am. Just make your ad moderate and don’t let it distract your readers.

This is off topic but I’ve have to shoot it out, folks are now blinded to ads and the blogging niche has the lowest CPC apart from niche sites where you can even get $10 or more per click.

5. Too Many Spam Comments On Your Blog

Can you add your Comment And see it below too Many spam Comments? yes i can see That Nod and frawn on your face. Many Bloggers dont Care About the Kind of Comment They Get On their Blog, All they Wish to see is The counting to SHow They Have Many comments, But Thats Not The Best.

Some are even Reluctant To Trash Out Poor comments, WHile SOme are still Running Their Blogs with Comments Auto Publish Knowing fully Well The Increase of Spammers EveryWhere Trying to Get Comment Backlinks to Numerous blogs as easy as ABC.

To always see Your Blog is Clean, Try as Much as To Install A recent Comment Widget on your Blog, or admin Section as we Have here On Waploaded, In other to Track and Trash Inappropriate Comments.

if you are experiencing HIGH spam comments, Kindly see Top Plugins That may Help You even as a Pro Blogger.

6. Poor Language Structure of Your Writeups

How can i continue reading a Blog That will always Make Me Shake my Head? as A Blogger, You are really Mandated to Turn On your spell Check, You must write Only In english, Mind your sentence Structure, The way they appear to readers and How They Sound in the ear of both you and your readers.

Poor Language structure can damage your Blog's total reputation and even your personality as a blogger, try as much as possible to make sure you adhere to good writing skills that will boost your blog's reputation tremendiously

7. Capitalization all through in your Title or Content

Some New Bloggers Just use CAPITALIZATION anyhow, for me i feel it is only Used in places that call for attention, or Accronyms.

How Awkward When a Blogger writes full content on His/her Blog With CAPLOCs on? No Matter the content ZoooooOOOm am off that page and might never return.

7+1. You don’t reply to comments

Replying to comments is my fort and I gave this same rule to my guest bloggers. Tell me, if you leave your readers with unanswered questions do you think they’ll come back to your blog?

Definitely not unless it’s a content they can’t resist to read but don’t expect their comments because they wouldn’t want to leave your blog with unanswered questions again.

You might be lucky though, they might drop a comment but don’t get it twisted, they’re just building backlinks.

Replying to comments is one of the best ways to create connections with your readers and get returning visitors for your blog so don’t underestimate it. I’ve see blogs with hundreds of comments yet the blog author still create time to reply to those comments, if they can do it then you can too.


If you really want me to stay longer on your blog then you have to implement these tips mentioned above. With these tips you’re going to build your readership and create more connection.

Have you implemented them?

Expect me on your blog and if they are perfect then count me as your new reader.

What are the features that annoy you whenever you visit My site?

Do share them with us; we would love to hear your view Thanks.

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