11 secrets to memorize things Quicker than others

1 year ago

We learn things throughout our entire lives but we don't know everything because, we forget a lot of information why does this happen how could we remember things much better?.

I will tell you about some simple memorizing tips and a universal formula that will retrieve any information from your memory when you need it. For starters let's talk about why we forget things.

Why Do We Forget Things?

your brain is like a hard drive the space is limited. remember sherlock holmes he couldn't name all the planets of the solar system, this was not because he missed school or something like that. But because, he was too smart to have such irrelevant information in his memory he deliberately erased facts he would never need this is what your brain does it protects you from Overloading with information, that's why all new data is stored in the short-term memory not the long one So if you don't repeat it or use it you forget it very quickly.

A German psychologist


Hermann Ebbinghaus

researched the memory and its mechanisms he described the forgetting curve which shows that just one hour after learning something new we forget more than half of the learned information. One day later we remember only about 30%, well you can see where this is going So how to remember everything there is a memorization technique called spaced repetition To keep some information in your head for a longer time you need to try to put it into your long-term memory.

Forced memorization is not very effective in this case because your brain can't make sense of the information quickly and form strong associations Here it all depends on the reason why you are learning something.

How to memorize something quickly

The first situation is when you need to learn the information quickly use it once and forget most of it. This looks like a typical exam preparation right, if you've been in a situation where you had only one night to prepare for an exam get this article a share.

To Memorize Something Quickly follow this procedure below.

Repeat the information right after learning it the

second repetition should be after 15 to 20 minutes You don't need to return to the information between repetitions just, rest and do something different let your brain relax, Repeat the learn material the third time after 6 to 8 hours

and you should have the final repetition 24 hours after the first contact with the information.

Try this method next time you need to memorize something quickly and tell me how it worked in the comment section don't forget.

Okay Now let's see

How to memorize something for a long time. If you want to remember things for a long time you need to extend the memorization period. here's the memorization plan the

first repetition should be right after learning, just like in the previous technique

Repeat the material after 20 to 30 minutes and here things are different

the third repetition should be only after one day The next one after two to three weeks and the final round is after two to three months this way you can learn something for a very long time.

Because the brain thinks that if you return to the information it means that it's necessary so it doesn't get erased now here are

11 (Eleven) simple tips that will help you memorize things easier and faster

1. Try to understand what you learn

2. Learn the most necessary information

3. Serial position effect

4. Interference theory

5. Learn opposite things

6. Build your own mind palace

7. Use nail words

8. Make up stories

9. Use a tape recorder

10. Visualise

11. Use the best material


Do you know any other memorizing tips if yes share them in the comment section below and share this article to your friends and of course don't forget how can you forget anything after reading this article lol

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