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Why was my Adsense earnings deducted? - one of the most asked questions by publishers every 1st and 2nd of the month or thereabout.

The joy of every publisher is to earn high and at the same time cashout almost all estimated earnings, but Adsense also have that in mind for her publishers! and never would she neglect the advertisers who pay the adverts to be served to the right and quality audience where the ads converts well.

Now, Why was my earnings slashed?, there are several reasons why adsense slash down earnings, the two major known reasons are due to Invalid clicks and Improper ads placement. In this writeup, i will explain few things about the above major reasons and probably how you can curb the deduction to the bearest minimum.

Before i go on, here are few questions people have discussed about, randomly picked from the internet:

Hi I am always let down when I see my finalized earnings compared to what my estimated earnings were. Adsense clearly really steals a lot of money from us claiming invalid clicks and whatever nonsense they use to justify this. How much is usually deducted from your finalized earnings? Mine is typically 20% lower than the estimated earnings. Wondering if that's the same with everybody. Also is there any way to complain about this to google, if for nothing more than to let em' know I'm agitated?

I didn't click my ads, then how is there invalid click activity? my earnings keeps going down at the beginning of the month why?

Hello Guy,

I have a website with good Adsense earning, since last 4 months Google has start deducting about 20-35% of each month earning. The difference is in between estimated earnings and finilized earnings.. Any thoughts ?

On one of my facebook posts that got massive response from publishers, complains filed from of various angry publishers is shown below:

Some even claim:
Slashing of earnings from UK Adsense is worse..

In all so many questions, here is what Google has to say:

Your earnings may include deductions for various reasons. Google may adjust your earnings if it detects invalid click activity in your account or ad implementations that are not in compliance with AdSense policy. We encourage you to review the policy and traffic quality guidelines to learn more.

The estimated earnings you see in your account give you a close estimate of recent account activity as and when traffic is accrued in your account. The finalized earnings on the other hand include all revenue you'll be paid for validated clicks and impressions. On some occasions, Google may notice that activity you've already been paid for is invalid or not in compliance with Google policy. In such cases, Google posts an adjustment to your account in the form of a deduction. Find out more about understanding your AdSense earnings better or the difference between estimated and finalized earnings.

Image Source: ShoutMeLoud

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How has Invalid clicks caused deduction?

What is Invalid click? an invalid click is a click generated from invalid traffic which tends to inflate an advertiser's cost or increase a publisher earnings.

These Invalid clicks could be generated from the publisher clicking their own ads, or sending bot traffic or using a clicking software, the Google technology to track these clicks are so vast that you cannot trick it - hence, run ads only on genuine websites because the battle between adnetworks and bot traffic or self generated traffic is really tough!.

How has invalid clicks affected my earnings?: i will have to talk more about traffic in this context, traffic source/type has been a major reason why earnings would always be slashed, for example, advertise would not want to pay for any ads clicked by the kind of traffic they did not pay for, like paying for search traffic and so many clicks from direct, referral or social traffic.

How to avoid Invalid clicks from affecting my earnings?: You can always analyse you traffic source and type from using traffic tools like Goggle Analytics after you have linked it to your adsense, know where traffic comes from, the source, the country, the device and which pages of your websites earnings were generated from by login in to Google Analytics, navigating to Audience >> Device (Overview) >> Select adsense from the tab: use the secondary dimention to know everything you wish.

In conclusion about invalid traffic, try to improve on search traffic, and quality social traffic.

How has Ads Placement caused deduction?

Ads placement is the position of your website were you have placed Adsense adcodes, how these adcodes displays relative to how often it may attract a click from a visitor.

There has been several cases where publisher go as much as placing floating ads on their webpages in a bid to increasing clicks and earnings, but at the end Adsense will always frown and perform their normal dedcution.

So always place adcodes where they do not force visitors to click in other to bypass into your page, adsense within image, or any blackhat strategy to get clicks, also note, the amount of time a user spends inside the advertisement they clicked from your website also plays a huge role on your earnings/deduction.

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How has Defaulting Advertisers caused reduction

This is always a rare case, but for example an advertiser runs advert, and the ads are served on your website and it later turned out that the advertiser defaults on meeting payments for their ads, Google would have no choice that make a deduction but would always Ban such an advertiser from its network.

General facts and Tips to prevent deduction

Can i appeal the deduction?: Unfortunately you can't appeal the deduction. A deduction is issued when invalid clicks is found in your account, when Adsense find activity that's not in compliance with Google policy, or when advertisers who default on payments to Google have served ads on your AdSense content.

What is the date range for these deduction Unfortunately, Adsense has kept this information away from us but due to the cause of writing this, we would have to guess! Since they usually wait till 1st and 2nd of every month before they carry out deductions, it is almost clear that maybe the middle of the month a routine check is done, and also at the end of the month, then these two values are arranged together and used for deduction.


On an Adsense Support page before it was updated, we saved a screenshot, it shows Adsense always wait for advertisers to pay them for the quality ads served before they collate and run deduction.

In regards to what the advertiser choose to pay, adsense has this to say:

Please note that Google works diligently to ensure that deductions due to advertiser payment fraud are rare in order to maintain a safe ecosystem for users, publishers, and advertisers. Fraudulent advertiser accounts that are caught are suspended indefinitely and are no longer permitted to run ads on Google's network.

With all these said, i know you are a publisher, could you please spare us few of your time, speak to us using the comments below, stating if you have had any deduction whatsoever in the past, have you improved on it (how?), What do you think about the deduction strategy set by adsense? Do you want to increase you earnings? How best do you think placements can be made?

Thanks for reading...

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