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Sunnex Dec 06, 2014 ( Post 1 )

Google Adsense is No Doubt, The Best Way for Webmasters to Monetize their website(s) for offering quality contents that will usher them into receiving quality ads, upon all these, the continual monetization of a blog is all Webmasters' Dream, but in this new era, many webmasters are actually falling apart. From Experience, i can now finally deduce that for any website to fall apart from adsense as a reason of ban can come-about due to Old or New published Contents.

Just like no machine is 100% efficient, adsense scanning your site for compliance can also be said not to be 100% correct, as there may be some covered contents yet to be displayed in search engine during the time of scanning your website, and in due time after approval, you can as well be banned for such contents after they may have spranged up to Search engine.

For New Contents, spoting them isn't actually too Tideous, it May even cause a Bigger blow to your face if spotted by adsense, as it will be understood that after reading adsense policies, applying and then gotten approved, you still went all-the-way to post contents that does not fall under adsense policies. In most cases these contents, May not be made by You (the site Owner) but a member of the forum, just like, thats Why at all cost You have to Check daily on your recent topics to make sure your website remains un-altered by Bad contents.

Now-a-days, Entertainment blogs suffer the most in the aspect of ban, because the industry has now become a place where our beloved female artistes (Quick-Fame Seekers), has now made releasing of raunchy photos, provocative poses and even sometimes S£xtapes the order of the day, just to get the attention of everyone and be in the news, so when such is not posted on your blog, you find your entertainment blog not being current and when it inturn gets posted, adsense has no other option than to ban you.

The Only Remedy here, is "Do not Display Adsense Ad codes In Such Pages if Need Be".

In View of this, we would now have to know those 3 reasons that will get your blog eventually banned even after approval into the adsense program, by Breaking the Adsense Policies.


Getting Traffic is like getting cash, you dont want to get filled, in web terms we already know more traffic is more cash, so with this fact we would actually want to see more traffic by all means, not-knowing this could get us banned in a way i will explain below.

After getting approved, you started making few penny, done much SEO and waiting for returns, but you are not getting satisfied with your earning, Next you Start Buying traffic, according to adsense policy, you must not buy traffic, as most bought traffic are not humans but bots, which would inturn cause hits to your websites but no action taken.

Running facebook ads, may not actually get your adsense account banned but it is very advicable to keep all to a bearable average, where Direct Traffic, Search Engine Traffic & Facebook ads Traffic should be at a levelled rate, because if facebook ads traffic gets higher than others, it may now be regarded as buying all of your traffic which in turn gets you hammered by the Big "G".


There are thousands of posts out there that will boost your traffic even with just a little bit of sharing. Naturally, Posts Partaining Nud£, [email protected], $£x, raunchy photos, Provocative Pose, Videos of [email protected]£d People and many others, would maximally cause an increase in traffic to your Blog compared to any other posts, Wouldn't it?.

For The reason you have been approved by adsense for having a clean blog, doesnt mean your website will not be reviewed periodically to still be in compliance with the adsense policies, so therefore, make sure not to post contents that will cause ban to your adsense account or Adserving disabled for you website, just because you want to build audience over-night, or increase your adsense earnings.


When "increasing Your adsense earning" is stocked in your mentallity, you just keeping thinking too many alternatives, like if you are currently earning $15/day with just one ads per page, you can eventually earn upto $60-100/day with 4-5 ads in a page. Too Bad, i actually call it, a Get-rich-Quick Mentality.

Categorizing ads placements, Listing and explaining some headings will do you no harm, but impacting knowledge to you on cases related to ads placement, so as Not to break Policies regarding ads placements.

Placing More Ads Per Page

From Adsense Policy, You are not Expected to Place Above 3 ads Per page, as advertisers would not be happy seeing more than 2 other advertisers competiting with him/her on any high quality content page, but now-a-days, i see some blogger placing even upto 5 ads per page.

i would do that, not because of the reason stated above, but because i dont want to offer a slow page to my visitors as an adsense code may tend to slow your page load time when your javascript is turned on, not to talk more of having above 3 ads on a page.

in anyways, even while you place above 3 ads on a page, according to adsense, "only 3 ads out of the numerous Ones you place would get quality ads beeing displayed" so i would advice to stick to 3 ads per page in other to be on a safe side.

Can i Place More than 3 ads per page if am running 2 differently owned adsense account adcodes on my blog? i ask my self this question, because Waploaded currently does such. Well the answer is "NO" it doesn't matter how many adsense account adcodes, even if its 4, make sure you stick to 3 ads per page.

Repositioning Some ads

Even after approval, sure you can reposition you ad codes, but doing that to impose more clicks is actually a big risk to your adsense account. Even when placing Max 3 ads per page, you are expected to position them in accordance to Adsense policies, as Ads display shouldn't be the first Thing a visitor sees when he visits your site.

in anyways, try placing ad codes even while visible to be clicked but not too closed to links or Images, same size with the adsense codes.

Sticking Ads

Google adsense Policy states "Ads Must Scroll as Page scrolls", i still believe sticking (CSS: position Fixed) adsense code to a page be it Mobile or Desktop view, is not actually ideal, as adsense code is not the main focus of a user but quality content which will amount clicking related ads to deliver/Solve such users' problem.

Finally, Many webmasters still believe using adsense may pose High Blood Pressure to the site owner, The answer remains "NO", after i was Disabled for ads serving on few months ago, i wanted to break the news, but i taught of getting re-enabled before doing so, few weeks ago i was re-enabled, and i swear adsense Policy specialist are the most friendly, as they keep giving me example of where violation occurs.

It got to after 3 appeals, i lost hope and i started off with two new domains &, but i taught of still appealing, after 3 more appeals, i had to sacrifice many Topics (Over 9000 Both Good and Bad) That has been Existing before using adsense, Trashed all My Movies which posed copyright violation, My whole "/tutorial" section and many other things, i got finally re-enabled. That is to say no matter what, adsense still Values their publishers and really wants a long term deal with them as long as they continually comply with their terms and policy.

Over To You

What Experience Have You Learnt so-far using Adsense? You don't have an adsense account do you want to get One? Did you learn one thing or the other in the course of reading this?

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