Photo: Nigerian Lesbian Kafayat Blasted For Tricking Man Into Getting Her Pregnant

4 years ago

30 year old l£sb!an, Kafayat Adegoke who tricked a man into getting her pregnant because she didn't want to use a surrogate and couldn't afford IVF but desperately wanted a child, has been criticized by critics who think she is being selfish by excluding the baby's Dad from its life.

Matt O’Connor, founder of Fathers For Justice says a child needs a mother AND a father in their life.

He said:
And it is a fundamental human right that a child has access to their father. It is sad that anyone wants to bring a baby into the world in the knowledge that they are denying them access to half of their family.

It isn’t just the dad who loses out but also the paternal grandmother and grandfather.

Unfortunately, women are stopping fathers becoming involved in children’s lives more and more with devastating consequences.

We would support this man in taking legal action to gain access to his child.

Anne Diamond, a new agony aunt said:
Kafayat is showing she’s little more than a child herself. She thinks having a baby is all about her.

It’s not, it is always about the child who will grow up questioning why he or she hasn’t got a daddy.

It’s one thing to grow up fatherless because he couldn’t, or didn’t want to be around. Quite another to discover your mother deliberately deprived you of a dad. On top of that, it’s miserably unfair to the unsuspecting men.

Stop it, Kafayat. Grow up before your selfishness deprives your child of a decent mother too.

Emma Kenny, a psychologist, therapist and lecturer says Kafayat is a manipulator that has no right to deny her baby a relationship with its father

She said:

She has completely taken advantage of this man. When a child is brought into this world both a mother and father are of equal importance.

She has tricked him and manipulated him into answering questions to find out his suitability for a process he didn’t even know he was involved in.

Then to actually wish to exclude him, basically branding him worthless, displays a certain degree of narcissism. She is denying the importance of men, revealing a warped sense of her own self worth.

Not the best quality for a mother, it suggests she’s willing to do whatever it takes to get what she wants.

Children like to have a relationship with their father. In denying him a part in the child’s future, she’s making a decision for a child who has a right to know who their father is.

She doesn’t have the right to remove this opportunity.

They are also trying to contact the man who got Kafayat pregnant.

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