Biography & Career Of Enzo Maresca

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Biography & Career Of Enzo Maresca

Enzo Maresca is an Italian football manager and former player who became known as the coach of the English club Leicester City. Maresca who transitioned into management, came to prominence for his tactical flair and offensive style of football.

From Juve Midfielder to being the Leicester City Boss and later appointed as Chelsea manager, here are some interesting facts about Enzo Maresca:

Early Life

Enzo Mresca was born on February 10, 1980 in Pontecagnano Faiano, Italy. Maresca’s football journey began at AC Milan’s youth academy at the young age of 11. Despite starting his professional career with English side West Bromwich Albion, he returned to Italy soon after, joining the Italian side Juventus.

Coaching Career

Maresca who retired as a football player in 2017, delved into coaching. He began his managerial career at Manchester City, leading their development squad to a Premier League 2 title.

He had a brief stint at Parma, before returning to Manchester City as Pep Guardiola’s assistant manager.

He became Leicester City manager in 2022, where he aimed to replicate his success and build upon the club’s strong foundation. He was appointed in 2024 to replace the Chelsea manager, Mauricio Pochettino.

Style of Play

Maresca’s coaching philosophy is influenced by his playing style. He favors a possession-based approach with attacking flair, urging his players to be proactive and press effectively.


  • As player: Serie A (Juventus), Coppa del Rey (Sevilla), UEFA Cup (2x, Sevilla)

  • As manager: Premier League 2 (Manchester City U23s)

Personal Life

Maresca is married to Maria Jesus Pariente and their union is blessed with four children.

Social Media

Enzo Maresca is not active on social media.

Net Worth

Enzo Maresca earned his career as a football coach. He earned a salary of 500,000 EUR as of 2012.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the frequently asked questions and answers related to Enzo Maresca:

  • What is Enzo Maresca known for? Enzo Maresca is known for his two careers in football: as a versatile and successful midfielder, and currently, as a manager known for his attacking and possession-based tactics.

  • What clubs did Enzo Maresca play for?Maresca played for several clubs throughout his career, including Juventus, West Bromwich Albion, Sevilla, and Fiorentina.

  • What is Enzo Maresca’s biggest achievement as a player? While Maresca achieved success at various clubs, winning Serie A with Juventus and two UEFA Cups with Sevilla are likely his biggest accomplishments.

  • Did Enzo Maresca manage any teams before Leicester City? Prior to Leicester City, Maresca managed Manchester City’s U23 team, winning the Premier League 2 title, and had a short stint as Parma’s manager.

  • Who is Enzo Maresca’s coaching mentor?It’s likely that Pep Guardiola, under whom Maresca served as an assistant manager at Manchester City, has been a significant influence on his coaching philosophy.

  • What style of play does Enzo Maresca implement as a manager? Maresca favors a possession-based approach with attacking flair, urging his players to be proactive and win the ball back quickly through pressing.

  • What are some of the challenges Enzo Maresca might face at Leicester City?Some challenges Maresca might face include maintaining Leicester City’s strong performance in the Premier League, managing expectations after their success under Brendan Rodgers, and potentially replacing key players if they are transferred.

  • How long has Enzo Maresca been the manager of Leicester City? Information about the exact date of his appointment isn’t widely available, but news articles suggest he became manager in late May 2024.

  • Was Enzo Maresca a successful player? Maresca’s playing career was decorated with trophies, including Serie A and the UEFA Cup, showcasing his talent and versatility as a midfielder.

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