Kenyan Lesbian Fails “Gay Test”, Faces Deportation From Sweden

3 years ago

A Kenyan l£sb!an is set to be deported from Sweden after failing a gay test, aimed to determine whether or not she is purely homosexual.

Lucy Murugi aged 28 years old came out as a l£sb!an in Kenya in 2015. For fear of facing 14-years behind bars as stated in Kenya’s anti-gay laws, Murugi fled to find potential refuge in Sweden.

While she was rejected by her family, a cousin of hers helped her to successfully land a visa and escape the inevitable harassment that would have been her fate had she remained in Kenya.

Lucy arrived in a town named Marsta, just outside Stockholm. She claims that she has been able to build her self-esteem and talk boldly about her sexuality since arriving the western country, something that seemed only a dream while she lived in Kenya.

She disclosed to a Swedish newspaper that she felt more comfortable with her sexuality after contacting several LGBT organizations in the country.

Unfortunately for the Kenyan l£sb!an, it appears she might be forced to return to her home country after failing the impress the Swedish migrant authorities with her gay test results.
Sweden opens her doors to victims who fear prosecution for their sexual orientation BUT only after her Migration board is able to clearly determine that the victim is indeed who they say they are.


The gay test involves a thorough and extensive oral interview where the credibility of the interviewee is ascertained. However, Murugi said that at many instances during the interview, she was unable to comprehend her interviewer, thus leading to gross misunderstanding between them.

“I did not understand anything. No one told me what to expect. What I would do or say, or at least give me some guidelines,” Lucy said. She added “It feels horrible and disappointing. It breaks down one. You realize that you made a mistake somewhere and when you try to fix it, you will rarely get a second chance.”

After failing the test, Lucy expressed her fear to a Swedish newspaper, telling them how her life would be in danger should she get deported back to Kenya. “I have no where to run” Lucy lamented.

Lucy has blamed her test failure on a Ugandan tabloid newspaper Red Pepper who listed her among their list of 200 African Homosexuals.

Lucy Murugi can only hope that the Swedish Migrant authorities would incline their ears to her excuses and give her a second try.

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