Drake Joins Hip Hop’s Wealthiest Artists with a $60 Million Net Worth (Feb. 2017)

3 years ago

Drake joins rap’s elite this year with a 60 million net worth.

Recently, we’ve seen Drake in a video wearing a mink coat with many heavy chains and buying Ferrari’s for his fellow rap teammates. So how rich is the Canadian rapper from Toronto? Let’s take a look at his earnings and expenses.

According to Forbes, Drake has earned a spot in the Top Five most grossing rappers in 2016.

Drake‘s 60 million net worth is very impressive these days in a declining music industry where artists usually have to be always touring to make their money. However, Drake has compiled money from not only his multi platinum recordings and sold out tours but he’s also received some heavy endorsement deals in the seven figure margin.

The 30 year old crooner has come a long way since he started in 2009 when he made $9 million dollars. In the last year he grossed over 150 million dollars before taxes and expenses.

Drake is no stranger to the entertainment industry. At a young age, he dropped out of high school to pursue a career in acting on the hit Canadian TV series “Degrassi: The Next Generation” where he was making about $40 000 a year.

He played the role of Jimmy Banks until 2006 when he released a series of songs and mixtapes which was well-received by the public. This prompted him to switch careers and begin his life as the artist we all know. By the end of 2009 Drake had multiple Billboard hits and was on his way to stardom. He went from making 10-11 million in 2010 and 2011 to 39.5 million in 2015.

Some of his new ventures consist of a deal for streaming rights with Apple Music, as well as endorsement deals with Sprite, Nike and the Toronto Raptors. He is also the most-played Spotify artist ever. His Youtube and Vevo views exceed the billions. This translates into more earnings for the artist.

It’s hard to tell exactly how much he’s worth because we probably don’t know all of his spending habits, but we can see he’s doing increasingly well with all the parties he’s been throwing in his newly purchased $8 million home in Calabasas.

Drake is set to drop his new album “More Life” before the end of the month and there’s no telling where his net worth might go from there.

Check some images of how Drizzy’s been living in his Hidden Hills Mansion.

Images Source: Strereoday

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