People make fun of a young man spotted at a grocery store with his little daughter tied to his back

4 years ago

Sandani Muremela from Makhado in Limpopo, South Africa, was the butt of jokes by his fellow men when he was recently seen with his three-year-old daughter, Funzani, on his back at a supermarket. Some people even said his wife had cast a love spell on him.

'To make grocery shopping easier I bought a towel to carry Funzani on my back. Women do it all the time, so why shouldn’t I?" Sandini told Daily Sun.

The 26-year-old who works as a safety officer at a mine, said he couldn’t believe it when other men laughed at him and said the child’s mum had given him korobela.

"I asked one guy why he was laughing but he looked away and didn’t respond. He probably thought I was a madman," said Sandani.

But Sandani also won some fans with his parenting skills.

"He knows how to carry his baby perfectly. It’s very cute and men like this are rare." said a shop attendant.

Sandani said he took good care of his daughter because he was raised by a single mum after his father left when he was only a year old.

"I don’t want my child not to know the love of a father. It’s not a good thing at all. I love my daughter and will do everything to protect her," he said.

His daughter's mother, Lebohang Mashego, 24, said Sandani was a good father and she knew she could depend on him.

"I’m proud of him. I’m glad he’s not ashamed to carry our daughter like that, and I didn’t give him korobela."

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