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Cody Fern is a well-known Australian actor and director, who gained fame for his portrayal of Michael Langdon in the popular American Horror Story TV series. His journey in the world of acting began with a series of short films, including Still Take You Home. However, his first major acting role did not come until 2017, when he appeared as Jim Mason in the blockbuster movie, The Tribes of Palos Verdes.

Cody Fern’s biographyThe Mysterious Australian Actor and Model

Cody Fern has captivated audiences with his distinctive Australian accent in various film and television productions. This enigmatic actor and model was born and raised in Southern Cross, Western Australia – a small town with a populace of around 700 individuals. Despite his celebrity status, Cody Fern remains a private individual, rarely divulging personal details such as his familial relations. In interviews, he simply mentions that they are doing well and value their privacy.

Educational Background

Fern attended Merredin Senior High School before enrolling in Curtin University of Technology where he graduated with an Honours degree in commerce. Acting and modeling were two career paths he had dreamed of pursuing since childhood. However, the thought of leaving his hometown seemed daunting.

How Old is Cody Fern?

As of 2023, Cody Fern is 35 years old. He was born on July 6th, 1988.

Career highlight

Cody Fern’s career began at 22 years of age when he quit his high-paying job to pursue acting. He started with a theater group and later won the prestigious Heath Ledger Scholarship in 2014, which recognized fast-rising Australian actors.

The scholarship cash prize enabled him to move to Los Angeles where he honed his acting skills and searched for acting opportunities. His breakthrough role was in The Tribes of Palos Verdes, where he portrayed Jim Mason, a young man battling drug addiction caused by familial issues. Fern directed his first short film, Pieces, in which he also played Charlie.

As a model, he has graced the cover of various magazines such as British GQ and Confidential Magazine, and worked with famous fashion designers in various fashion shows.

Movies and TV Shows

Cody Fern has an extensive filmography and has appeared in many TV shows. According to his IMDb page, some of his acting credits include:

  • Fairyland (post-production) as Eddie Body (2022)

  • American Horror Stories as Stan Vogel (2021-2022)

  • Father Stu as Jacob (2022)

  • American Horror Story as Michael Langdon/Xavier Plympton/Valiant Thor (2018-2021)

  • Eden as Andy Dolan (2021)

  • AHS9 Cast Teasers (2019)

  • House of Cards as Duncan Shepherd (2018)

  • The Great Darkened Days as Travelling Salesman (2018)

  • American Crime Story as David Madson (2018)

  • Pisces as Charlie (2017)

  • The Tribes of Palos Verdes as Jim (2017)

  • Boys on Film 11: We Are Animals as Richard (2014)

  • The Last Time I Saw Richard as Richard (2013)

  • Drawn Home as Steve (2010)

  • Still Take You Home as Milk (2010)

  • Hole in the Ground as Zack (2008)

Cody Fern’s Roles in American Horror Story

Cody Fern, a talented Australian actor, has made a name for himself in the American Horror Story franchise. While some believe that his role in the series was well-deserved, others claim that he landed the role because he had previously worked with the director on another project. In American Horror Story: Apocalypse, Fern played the lead role of Michael Langdon, the antichrist who had last appeared as a toddler in the first season of the show titled Murder House. Langdon was born as a result of the fusion between a human and a spirit. Fern played this role in all nine episodes of the season.

In the subsequent season, American Horror Story: 1984, Fern played Xavier Plympton, the central character in all nine episodes of the season. The actor spoke about his portrayal of Michael Langdon, saying that when he is investigating the character, he is looking at the world through his eyes and not as someone who is malevolent or wants the world to end, but rather as someone who is lost.

Cody Fern’s Awards and Accolades

Fern’s outstanding performances in various movies have earned him several nominations and one award. He received three nominations for the Gold Derby TV Award in 2018 for the categories of Breakthrough Performer of the Year, Ensemble of the Year, and Movie/Limited Series Supporting Actor, of which he won the last category. In the same year, he was nominated for the OFTA Television Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture or Limited Series. In 2019, he received another nomination for the TV Movie/Mini Supporting Actor of the Decade in the Gold Derby TV Award.

Personal Life: Is Cody Fern gay?

It is public knowledge that Fern is gay, and he is rumored to be dating Su Novio, whom he met in 2017. Fern has also been linked to Eric Smith in the past, but little is known about his current partner as they keep their relationship out of the public eye. The actor has been quoted as saying that he is perfectly happy in his relationship and that both he and his partner understand and respect each other’s schedules and work time.

What is Cody Fern’s Net Worth?

Cody Fern’s net worth is estimated to be around 7 million US dollars, based on his numerous acting roles and gigs.

Physical Appearance: How tall is Cody Fern?

The actor stands at 5 feet 10 inches (177 centimeters) tall and weighs 171 pounds (78 kilograms). He has brown hair and grey eyes.

Where Does Cody Fern Live?

Currently, the actor resides in Los Angeles, United States.

Cody Fern is a rising star in Hollywood, with numerous achievements under his belt. His popularity continues to grow, and with his talent and good looks, he is expected to take on many more exciting opportunities in the future.

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