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Mike Chen is a well-known YouTube personality who has amassed a large following on multiple channels. His fans are particularly drawn to his unwavering love for food and his willingness to experiment with different cuisines.

Mike Chen’s Biography: The Journey of a Renowned Food Blogger and Businessman

Mike Chen Xing, popularly known as Strictly Dumpling, is a renowned food blogger, businessman, and YouTube celebrity. He has travelled around the world, trying out various cuisines and sharing his experiences with people. Through his work, he educates others about different foods and cultures. This article provides insights into the life of this remarkable individual, from his childhood to his career.

Early Life

Mike Chen was born on December 22, 1980, in Xi’an, China. When he was eight years old, his family migrated to the United States, and he spent the rest of his childhood in the American Midwest. His parents, Teng and Rigan, ran Chinese buffets, and he had two siblings, Arnold and Renor.

How old is Mike Chen?

By 2023, Strictly Dumpling will be 42 years old. He was born on December 22nd, 1980, under the Capricorn sign.

What is Strictly Dumpling’s nationality and ethnicity?

The YouTuber is an American-Chinese national and is of Asian ethnicity. Despite having lived in America for the majority of his life, he is still in touch with his Chinese heritage.

Educational background

Mike Chen attended a local high school in the American Midwest. After graduating, he enrolled in Truman State University, where he majored in accounting. At the time, he aspired to become an FBI agent.

Religious Beliefs: What is Strictly Dumpling’s religion?

Mike Chen practices Falun Gong, a Chinese spiritual and religious movement that combines traditional medical and self-cultivation practices. He has been a staunch advocate of the movement and has done plenty of charity work for the greater good of society.

Career highlight: What does Mike Chen do for a living?

Mike Chen began his career as a resident assistant while studying at Truman State University. After completing his studies, he worked as a financial analyst at Morgan Stanley for a year before leaving in 2006. He then joined New Tang Dynasty Television, a non-profit media company, as the head of digital strategy. Here he co-created the YouTube channel Off the Great Wall, which discusses Chinese culture.

While working at New Tang Dynasty Television, Mike Chen had a part-time job filming weddings to earn some extra cash. In 2013, he started making vlogs about food, and eventually, he created multiple YouTube channels, which he still runs to date. He left New Tang Dynasty Television in 2015 and relocated to San Francisco, California, to pursue his personal interests.

Does Mike Chen own Strictly Dumpling?

Strictly Dumpling is one of Mike Chen’s most popular YouTube channels. Here, he samples different foods from around the world, including street food, high-end restaurants, and even homemade dishes. He provides insightful reviews of the foods he tries and educates his viewers about different cultures’ cuisine. The channel has over four million subscribers, making it one of the most popular food channels on YouTube.

Other Channels

Mike Chen also runs other YouTube channels, including Beyond Science, a channel that explores mysteries and strange phenomena around the world, and The Chen Dynasty, a channel that showcases his life, travels, and experiences.

Chen and Dan worked together at New Tang Dynasty Television and later started The Double Chen Show on YouTube. The channel was renamed The Chen Dynasty after their split. Dan, a food blogger, and Yi Yang then began The Double Chen News on YouTube, which focused on discussing current events in China. The channel was later renamed The CheNews after the three parted ways.

Personal LifeIs Mike Chen still married?

Mike Chen is married, and he and his wife have a son. He is currently based in Allen, north of Dallas, Texas, after relocating there in April 2021. Before this, he lived in Seattle, Washington, for several years.

Why Did Mikey Chen Move to Texas?

Mikey Chen made the move to Texas to pursue his dream of opening a Korean steakhouse named Carne in Houston. He hopes to expand his restaurant to several locations in Texas, and is determined to bring his love of Korean cuisine to the people of Houston. He has always been passionate about food and has traveled extensively to try different cuisines, and now he is excited to share his knowledge and expertise with the people of Texas.

Business Ventures

Besides his love of food and cooking, Mikey Chen is also a successful businessman. He owns Mike Chen’s hot oil, a company that sells various spicy sauces. If you have been wondering where to buy Mike Chen’s chili oil, you can order it from the hot oil website. The oils and sauces are designed to give your food an extra kick. In addition, Mikey Chen also sells Strictly Dumpling merchandise online, including plushies, drawstring bags, slippers, and socks.

What is Strictly Dumpling’s net worth?

Mikey Chen’s estimated net worth is $4.8 million, with most of his wealth coming from his multiple channels. His YouTube channel has over 5 million subscribers, and he is also active on Instagram and other social media platforms. He has gained a significant following due to his engaging personality and love of food.

Who Is Mikey Chen’s Girlfriend?

Mikey Chen is a married man. His wife, Christine, was his long-term girlfriend. Fans spotted him wearing a ring in his Instagram pictures and videos, and Mikey Chen married Christine in 2021. Although they have been together for a while, little is known about their relationship, as Christine is a private person who prefers to stay away from the cameras.

What Happened to Mikey Chen and Dan Chen?

Previously, Dan Chen and Yi Yang worked closely with Mikey Chen. The trio parted ways to be closer to their families, with Dan and Yi moving back to New York. They no longer feature in Mikey Chen’s videos.

How Does Mikey Chen Stay Fit?

Despite his love for food, Mikey Chen manages to maintain a lean and toned body by running a 5K every day. He is also passionate about fitness and carries his pull-up bar whenever he travels abroad, in an effort to stay healthy.

What is Mike Chen’s height?

The YouTube star is roughly 132 pounds or 60 kilos in weight and stands at 5′ 4″ or 160 centimeters. He has brown eyes and black hair.

Fast facts

  • Mike Chen prefers sleeping on his left side to aid digestion.

  • His last meal before death would be hotpot if he had a choice.

  • Mike’s favourite dish in Chicago is Johnnie’s Beef’s Italian sandwich.

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