Popular Canada-based Nigerian Writer Blasts Davido's Family After an Ugly Encounter at the Lagos Fashion Week

3 years ago

A Nigerian writer based in Canada, Jude Idada has left harsh and troubling words for a member of Davido's family after an ugly encounter he had at the Heineken sponsored Lagos fashion week which held at the Eko Atlantic days ago.

It is not clear if Davido was the one he referred to as a 'tenacious delinquent', however, it is certain that the incident happened between him and a member of Adeleke's family.

Jude narrated how a bodyguard working for the Adelekes refused to take a sit while obstructing people's view at the event. Nigerians didn't waste time in lambasting Davido whom they believe was the one who made such foolish display. However, some others are pointing accusing fingers at Bred.

In the photos shared by Jude, Davido's manager, Asa Asika could be seen sitting while the bodyguard stands close to him.

Jude wrote: "Money truly does not begat a man.
Sometimes it arrests the development of a child.
Creating the grotesque persona known as a man-child.
This condition is psychologically known as infantilism.
The inexorable display of childishness.

So it was that yesterday night at the Heineken sponsored Lagos Fashion and Design Week at Eko Atlantic, a certain 'celebrity' or 'superstar' of a pernicious pedigree of 'family wealth' and unfailing predilection for scandals displayed his seemingly incurable case of infantilism.

In a hall filled with the bold and the beautiful, the haves and the have mores, the achieved and the celebrated, the talented and the financially blessed, this man-child thought it 'wise' for him to have his BODYGUARD stand behind him, blocking the view of others, as the models catwalked down the runway.

There were other celebrity musicians of his kind and even a couple of people with generational wealth in the hall but none of them thought it cool or wise to be so concerned about their safety that they will so blatantly inconvenience others to selfishly advance their fame and feed their bloated ego.
Narcissistic callousness.

First it was actually his bodyguard and 'bag, wallet and cell phone carrier' who stood behind him crowding the aisle and obstructing our view.
We pleaded for them to move.

They didn't.

I spoke to the grown man, who is the 'bag, wallet and cell phone carrier," to the celebrity man-child.

"Please you are blocking our view, can you go sit in the back row so we can watch the show."

He totally ignored me and kept his gaze pointed at the crown of the head of his benefactor.
The ladies and the gentleman beside me raised their voices in complaint to no avail.

This man-child was sitting right in front of us and could hear the ruckus going on but pretended to be oblivious to it.
As he sat there chatting and giggling with the two guys and girl that were sitting beside him.

I reached out to tap him on the shoulder and tell him to call his 'entourage' or 'posse' to order, but my friend held my hand and said...
"The guy is wild, he will cause a scene here, ignore him."

So I steeled my disquiet and instead spoke even louder to the bodyguard and 'bag, wallet and cell phone carrier."
"Guys please we can't see. Go to the back. This is so not fair."
My voice was loud enough to be heard by the man-child and the crew that sat beside him.
The guy beside him turned around, established eye contact with me, and said nothing.

I amped up my complaints alongside the others by my side.
The man-child went quiet but didn't turn back, instead the same guy by his side turned back and spoke to the bodyguard and the 'bag, wallet and cell phone carrier."
"Go to the back."

The muscled bodyguard was taciturn and the "bag, wallet and cell phone carrier' retorted.
"Ignore them."

Imagine the nerve.

The guy beside the man-child turned back to chat with the celebrity man-child and promptly ignored us.
We continued our complaints to the rising discomfort of the 'bag, wallet and cell phone carrier."
So much so that he plugged his earphone on to drown us.

And when that didn't work, with a scowl on his face, and muttering inaudibly, he turned around and shuffled to the back row of the hall where there were some empty seats waiting for him.
One down, one to go.

We continued our vocal complaints.
And finally...
The man-child himself turned around and beckoned to the burly bodyguard.

He dissolved from the statue he was, shuffled across our legs and leaned down towards the man-child, who whispered into his ear.

Right there before me, his muscles bulged into my face, and I had to pull back my head.
I could smell his sweaty servitude.

Then he straightened up and scurried away to the back row where the 'bag, wallet, and cell phone carrier' sat.
The man-child neither apologised for the inconvenience or established eye contact, he simply returned to chatting with the guys and girl.

We, on the other hand, were relieved.

Our view was now unobstructed, and we could enjoy the show.
Not so fast.
The burly bodyguard returned.
Cell phone in hand.

He leaned back down towards the man-child and handed him the phone, then straightened back up and stiffened back to the statue he had been.
We stared at them in disbelief.
The arrogance!!!

So shocked were we that our words instantly dried up and we sat there in dazed silence, watching as the man-child typed on his phone and his bodyguard obstructed our view.

The show continued.

Until abruptly as another designer was about to have her models strut down the runway, the man-child stood up and sashayed out of the hall, his entourage in tow.
All of them, hurrying to another infamous imbroglio, without learning anything from the tutelage of life.

It is a wonder that a musically gifted and financially blessed child, who was born into a family that boasts of a billionaire university owner, two senators (one late, the other dancing), two governors (both late), can end up as a tenacious delinquent.
It goes to show that money is not everything.
'Good breeding' is.

Even the poor and the miserable have nurtured better children.
May we also be blessed with wealth.
And when we are.
May it come with class."

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