Shocker: Mother Wakes Up to Find Her Newborn Baby Dead After Falling Asleep With Him

2 years ago

A man has been left completely heartbroken after accidentally falling asleep with her newborn baby only to wake up and find him dead.

Lauren Jordan, a 23-year-old devastated mother has told the story of the moment she woke up to find her newborn baby dead in bed after accidentally falling asleep with him.

According to The Sun UK, the young woman said she had taken her son Harrison out of cot and lay alongside him for a cuddle.

She had intended to return him to his cot but after a busy day accidentally fell asleep with her newborn child in between her and her partner Kieran Jones, 22.

The mum-of-four Lauren woke up several hours later to discover her baby son lifeless lying on his back.

Lauren, of Crowborough, East Sussex, told an inquest: "I could just tell from his colour that he was not breathing - he was not warm - but he was not cold.

"I just knew and I started shouting no, no. At that point I woke Kieran up.”

Lauren said the couple had fed little Harrison two bottles of milk on June 3.

But the tot refused to settle so they brought him up in between them while they watched TV until he fell asleep, reports Kent Live.

Speaking at the inquest in Maidstone, Kent, Lauren said: “I woke up at about 4 to 4.20am.

"I looked into his cot as I was pretty sure I had dozed off before Kieran and I thought he would have put him back.

"But he was not there and then I looked over at Kieran and he was in exactly the same position as when he fell asleep and Harrison was in the middle on his back."

The coroner's court heard how the couple battled to save their son with Kieran performing CPR for up to 15 minutes before handing over to paramedics.

He was pronounced dead at Tunbridge Wells Hospital in the early hours of June 4.

Scott Matthewson, assistant coroner for Mid Kent and Medway, said evidence led him to conclude little Harrison's death was accidental.

Pathologist Dr Mudher Al-Adrani said Harrison was the victim of “unexplained death in infancy".

But he added it was "possible" he had either been smothered by his sleeping parents or their warm bodies had caused his body temperature to rise.

He said: "For some reason this can lead to a baby’s death."

Mr Matthewson described Harrison's death as a "heartbreaking case" and a warning to all parents not to take their babies into their bed.

Speaking after the inquest heartbroken Lauren issued a plea to parents to put babies in their own cots.

She told Kent Live: “We did not intend to fall asleep with him – but we were exhausted and it just happened.

"Sometimes it is nice to get that bond.

"But people need to speak out to stop this happening to other parents.”

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