Shock as Man Gets Bitten After Suddenly Discovering 15 Snakes Hiding Inside His Garden (Photos)

2 years ago

A father-of-two has ended up being bitten by a snake after he suddenly stumbled on fifteen of the reptiles hiding inside his garden.

A father-of-two identified as Ray Peters was left in agony from a snake bite after discovering 15 of the beasts in his back garden.

According to The Sun UK, the dad also found dozens of eggs while clearing the backyard of his new home at Kirkby on Bain, Lincs on Sunday September 24.

The following day two purple bite marks began to develop on his hand leaving it feeling “like it was on fire”.

The injured man, who does not want to be named, was told by doctors at Boston Pilgrim Hospital he may have been the victim of a dry bite - meaning no venom was released when he was bitten.

He told Lincolnshire Live: “I didn't know I'd been bitten until the next day.

“My hand was really sore in the morning and during the day I had to take my watch off because of the swelling on my wrist.

“By lunchtime, my hand felt like it was on fire and the two marks were dark purple. I ended up calling the local doctors who told me to ring 111.
"They told me to go straight to A&E, who confirmed it was possibly a venomous snake bite.”

The victim, who has a lifelong phobia of snakes, thinks he was probably nipped by an adder.

He was given antibiotics and has since made a full recovery.

He also told of his concerns for his children's’ safety.

It comes days after a pensioner was rushed to hospital suffering convulsions and vomiting after he was bitten by an adder in his back garden in Lincoln.

Ray Peters, 69, said he felt a pain as if he'd been stabbed in his hand as he reached behind a thorn bush for some gardening gravel.

He had been bitten on his right wrist and was left with a red circular mark with five small blisters and two puncture marks.

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