How to Set Geo-targeting Traffic For Your Website

6 years ago

Yeah Geo-Targeting! is This New to You? Yes it May Be New fo some Of Newbie Bloggers, But I would make A Breakdown Of it so as to Exalt your Knowledge About it.

Geo-Targeting Is a situation Where you Let Search engine or Crawlers from Other search engine Detect and Know That your website and its content is targeted based On a Particular Country say (UK), as we all Know That This country (UK) is among The tier countries Which google Loves and Always feel They are Likely to Purchase Advertisers Product When They click On an Ads.

Well I must Have talked Much about Geo-targeting, I will Give a recap Before I finish Writing, Now when Geo-targeting is set, Upon Making Crawlers and Adsense Bot Know That your content is targeted to a Particular Country, it will also Make your quality content displayed in the searches from Users In the country You are targeting to. Do you Now Get The Point?

Meaning if You Get an average Traffic from the Countries and Other Countries Closed By it, Merged to Your Normal Traffic from Your Poor Earning CPC country your adsense earning for Sure would Increase even By %50.

Now How do you set Up geo-targeting for Your site

i Know About Two ways and i feel i Have Used and is still using Both Methods.

First Method

You Must Have Google Webmaster Tools account and Your Website Has been Added there.

See Screenshot Guidelines Below

Alternatively: After Login to Google Webmaster Tools Website Click On The Website You want To Update Its Geo targeting, Next Click Search Traffic From The Drop Down Click International targeting Then Click Country From The Tabs There, Be sure to select The exact Country Your Contents Can Be Viewed By, Next Submit.

To Know Your Have successfully Set Up This, You will get a Message from Webmaster tools at Your site Messages telling You The successful Changes made to Your website's targeting.

Second Method

Goto Your Site's Header and Add This Code Anywhere Inside Your tag

Just like below:


AU" href="">

In Above Code Change Website To Your website and From Above Code AU Means You are targeting Australia, To get Other Targeting Countries Shortcodes Please Read Up Targeting Countries ShortCodes Here

Are You confused In Any Part? I will Gladly Assist You Thanks! drop your comments and Share This Topic

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