How to Add Your Website Site to Google Webmaster Tools

6 years ago

If as a Website Owner You Want to Boost SEO and You dont Have a Google Webmaster Account You are are Yet to get started, as The webmaster tool Is strickly Made to Provide Webmasters of all sort Tips On How to setup Their website for Google Indexing, infact i usually feels These would hasten Up your contents appearing On Google search results as when Latest Updates From your sitemap or RSS feeds You have Already added In the Google webmaster tools Gets Indexed Invariably You will Get Impression On The Links and Therefore Clicks which WOuld Be a Journey to traffic and Thus SEO boost, i will Have to explain More about the tool In The Paragraph below

What is Google Webmaster Tools

Google’s Webmaster tools is a set of tools offered by Google to give publishers a look at how their website is seen by the search engine. It provides reports and data that can help you understand how different pages on your website are appearing in search results. It shows you the search queries where a page from your website appears in the results and how often it is clicked. This data can help you improve your older articles, write new content, and formulate a content strategy for your website. Google webmaster tools also allows you to submit XML sitemap of your website, exclude URLs, and help Google display the most important content of your website. It also notifies you if there is a problem with your site which is stopping Google from crawling and indexing your pages.

With These You Must Have Picked In One way Or The Other Why You need Google webaster Tools Right? Well We Will Not stop Here i Will Teach below On how to add Your website To Google webmasters tool In Below Simple steps.

How to Add your WebSite to Google Webmaster Tools

Go to Google Webmaster tools website and sign in with a Google account. After signing in, add your website’s URL and hit the add new site button.

On the next screen, you will be asked to verify the ownership of the website you are adding. You can either upload an HTML file to your website’s root directory using FTP or Other Easy Means or click on Alternate method to obtain a meta tag which you can then add to your Website Header anywhere Inside The


VerificationKeyCode" />

Afte That Then Click The Verify Site Button

after Verify You are Urged to Upload your Sitemap/RSS feed there In Other to start Your Journey Into SEO, I will Give you a Simple Writeup to Help you pass this Step, But Maybe On Our subsequent Tutorial You WIll Get Full Tips on How to Create and Upload your sitemap/RSS to Webmasters Tools.

Steps: after Login to The Google Webmaster Tools Website, and Successfull adding Up your site, click The Website Name Your added and Verified, By The Left Nav Bars There Click "Crawl" Next Click "Sitemaps" from The Drop Down List, Next at The far right You can Now see Add Sitemap.

Alternatively Click Here Sitemap List and select The site You want To add it Sitemap.

TIPS: Be sure to Test Your sitemaps Before adding to Know if You Have errors or Not else it may affect Your Indexing!!

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We Hope you find this Quickie tutorial Interesting and sure to drop comments with Your Views about It Thanks, do also Share it.

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