Full Tips + Video On How to Improve Your Adsense earning (Hangout Session Tips)

4 years ago

Today 25th the first ever on air Hangout by Google Adsense team for some selected websites across Africa was held, and i will be making a list of the answers to some questions made there alongside the full video of the online tutorial.

Without Wasting much time, this write-up is exclusively for Website owners who are publishers of the adsense program

What is the Reason for unusual drop in CPC in Nigeria this month and when are we going to see improvement in CPC in the country ?

This is as a result of political and economic changes in Nigeria, with restrictions posed on dollar transactions, and our advertisers are having problems placing adverts and also, advertisers spent much during the Christmas period of course it will take some few weeks before they could get back lets say beginning of february.

I am Not A Web developer, how do i improve my website page speed insight as some procedures there require one to be Acquainted with web developing

if Optimizing your website will improve your earnings, contacting a web developer and paying a couple of dollars shouldn't be your problem because in due time ofcourse you will start succeeding

Are you not Conversant with Web developing? improving your page speed? i can help you, Waploaded Speed score is Way too above Average Scoring above 75% for both Mobile and PC, contact me at info@waploaded.com, a couple of dollars pament wouldn't Kill You.

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What is the Average Score for Page Speed Insight?

For websites in Africa we recommend 70% but if you can get upto 80% Perfect, of course you know the speed of a website determines that the website is user friendly and user experience is on the high side, this will not only boost your earnings but also boost you in Google search results.

Google search Page Speed Insight and follow the first link there to test your website, the tool also tells you what to correct in other to improve your score.

What type of Traffic Boosts Earnings

We have 3 types of traffic, the Local, the Mobile and the Social.

The Local are those traffic from your location, and of course its important because it shows you are very relevant in your locality.

The social is the most recommended traffic source by us, getting social traffic is not just woning a social profile, promoting contents will fetch more users and hence more income, lastly, neglet the rumour about "promoting your website via social platform will cause adsense ban", infact we urge all our publishers to improve their social traffic.

The mobile traffic is the most guaranteed traffic a website can ever get, of course you know one of our popular statement which says "Mobile is King", since mobile users are over 70% of internet users and this number is increasing rapidly in africa, we urge you to improve your website's responsiveness in other to earn from mobile traffic

Improving RPM, and CPC

One can not really determine the most exact way to improve CPC and RPM, but a well Optimized website will generate a higher RPM and CPC

Is RPM affected by the Traffic from Local or International

It is not actually affected by where the traffic comes from, but traffic from international will pay X4 of your local traffic, because our system finds that traffic as very relevant, imagine your website is in Nigeria, and a Nigerian user sitting in America visit your website, our system sees that user as very relevant, because leaving the competition in America and Visiting your website in Nigeria is actually worth it, that is to say, we pay more for International Top level countries' traffic

What is The Exact Amount of RPM

One can't tell but i would say, 1-2$ is fair, but please, disregard trying to compare your website with other websites out there, some web site always wants to over exaggerate their earnings in other to intimidate others

What is the Exact number of ads to be placed per page?

The exact adsense ad code we urge all website owner to place is 3, placing above might cause policy warning or a devalue in your earnings, and if you are placing below 3 you might as well try to add one more ad unit.

More to NOTE:

Try out Adsense 320x100, Matched Contents, Adsense for Search, Page-level (Vignette Ads) to Improve your earnings.

For Other Tips and full Video Kindly Watch the Video Below


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