SCAM!!: MOBOFREE affiliate Program full Review With (10 Solid Reasons)

7 years ago

NOt that Mobofree Affiliate Is Worth My time in writing, I just Have to do This for friends, and to Fore-warn New affiliates, They are No Match For My Current Make Money Programs On My Website, But Try To read This Post Carefully as it will in turn cause Laughter In either way.

With pain in My heart, i Will Like to announce to The General Public That The New affiliate company "Mobofree" That Tricked Their way Into The Nigerian System Is Vividly A PURE SCAM, Yes! Am i Trying to Prank anyone Here? This Question Has been Banging New affiliate's Mind Is Mobofree a SCAM?, Not To Waste Much of your time, Incase if You Came here To Get That question Answered, Yes My Dear, They are an exact Example Of wat Scam Is, That Is to say MOBOFREE affiliate Program is a scam.

Do You Care To Know Why Mobofree Affiliate Program is A SCAM?

hmmm!! i Dont Care If My reasons at The end Pulls Down The entire Brand MOBOFREE to The dust, But as i earlier said "with Pain In The Heart", I will Spit fire Just Like an angry Last Dragon Will do.

Before i talk about This sweet Part, How Mobofree Is a SCAM, I will First Tell You My story about them in REASON 1. below:

1. How i got To Know Mobofree + Mobofree Affiliate Program,
2. How i Earned My first Money (but Half Paid) over There,
3. How They Seem to Be Caring About Affiliates But Are Simply "Sheeps In Wolf Clothing"
4. How I wrote A Good Review for Mobofree With No return But... (Well Read On, I Will Explain The Whole Gist to You When We reach That Part),
5. How They Delayed My Second Payment till Almost Next Payout Before They Gave Me Another Half of it,
6. How They Tricked i and My other friends (Webmasters) On Earning,
7. How they Blocked My friends Account Cos They Couldnt Pay,
8. The TruTh Why MOBOFREE Affiliate Program Will Continue Be a SCAM
9. Screenshots Proofs of My Claim Why MOBOfree Is a scam
10. And Lastly Other Reviews Written By Others About Mobofree's Scam Activities

Man! These are Just Headlines, By The time am Through With Expanciating These Headlines, You may even Quarell With Me Why This review Came Late, as I Have also endangered Over 5000+ Affiliates Which they Have had recently.

1. How i got To Know Mobofree + Mobofree Affiliate Program

I have Known Mobofree for Many years Now, Even while i Was In Wapka, That Was About 2011, When we Used to visit The site to Chat and Meet new Friends, Comparing Their features (Ever Updating Ones) with other chat sites and even trying to Build Them into Our Own platform Too, I remembered a Feature Called The Super Power/MOd That requires you to Buy It with Coins and all That, But as time Goes On, "TO Me" Devoting time for chat sites apart from facebook faded away, i saw Myself in a Big Gap B/w My cherished Platform Mobofree, So time Went On Untill One day, (i dont Know How They got My Email, Or Maybe I have Submitted it Somewhere before with them), I Got a Mail From MOBOfREE talking about A webmaster Promotion Project This was Their first Idea into Their affiliate Program anyway, They talked about "Putting Their Banner In Your website, When you send Them 1 Visitor They send Back 3 visitors to You".

i Wasn't really Trusting Them on this, but for The fact I loved MOBOFREE before, i submitted My details waiting for aproval. After 48Hours I was approved, i wanted to Put The Banner In My site But Was Very very reluctant, so I had to forget Running that Program On My website cos i felt i was having The Traffic I needed exactly then and was like "Only God Knows Where They Will Get 3 Visitors to Give Me back for 1",

Later On, I guess few Weeks, I got A Mail From Them Talking About MOBOfree Affiliate Program With Much hype of it But i Snubbed it, i remembered i registered late tho!.. On registering My ID was 180 Which is more Of a pioneer, because as at the Time of Filing This Post They Have About 5215 Affiliates Ready to be scammed LOL

Yes, I implemented adcodes, But i had to wait for every 24hours before my earnings would count (HOLY CRAP!!!), i dumped it. few Month Later, a Friend of Mine Kelly Chi, Talked About His discovery! LOL What was It? He said MOBOFREE affiliate Program, He Also added Marcauly Danny is Using it already since a couple of Month, Thats to Say They are real And Must be Paying him all these while, he (kelly chi) claimed!

ZooooooOOOOOm i tried to register but found i was a member earlier, Opted Out for Retrieve password, Got My account set, and Implemented adcodes Due to The Fact of an event In the site That day, and The ads was New, Made over $253 USD Under 8 Hours, Thereafter I began to shower Kelly chi With Praises For The eye-OPener, and Was Comparing Scammy MOBOFREE affiliate To Google Adsense (May God forgive Me For This).

Next! They Pulled Out (Maybe) a general Message to us, Asking Me of My Traffic Source! i had to Let Them Know One of My traffic Strategy (just The tips Of the Ice), They further Inquired, But I Had to Shun them Telling them, "for The Fact I run affiliate With you does not Mean, I Shouldn't Have My Own Secrete".
To My Greatest Suprise, No Matter What We (me And My friends) did, On Our Respective Affiliate account, Our earning Were Still Crawling, We could Barely Earn Common $20 in a day! OMG!! What Do we do? By Then i And kellychi Invited Some Other Newbies Who Were also friends from Facebook to Join The Game.

Still Thinking if We Could Even Be paid after all? we contacted Danny, and he had to tell Us, That he have'nt for Once receive Payment because he wasnt due for payout yet.

Ok Okay Okay!! Typed too Much Now?, This Will Usher you into .....

2. How i Got My first Payout (but Half Paid) On Mobofree Affiliate

Yes, The 15th Date of That Month i Guess JULY, Finally came, We were The Ones to Remind Them (mobofree) Of Our Payout Then They Requested for Our Bank details (Nothing In this word That They didnt request for, Even the day we Opened The account was Included) LOL You Understand what i mean There, Because They requested even More Than Adsense, We had to Put "NIL" in some, as we Felt they are not Vital to receive payout within countries (ThankGod we are not New In This), it Took Them 4 days to Process Our Payment, i And danny and some others Was Paid, (upon My Own struggle i could only earn 50k or so).

BUT!!! Kelly chi as not Paid! HAHAHAHAha, i Guess He Had Made More Than Maximum Payout (i havent seen if this exist anywhere tho) of Mobofree affiliate Program, Mobofree The la!d a Complain that.... well I will save The full Gist Till You get to 7. How they Blocked My friends Account Cos They Coudn't Pay. If you are still with me, Lets take a Look at NO 3.

3. How The Seem to Be Caring About Affiliates But Are Simply "Sheeps In Wolf Clothing"

i didnt Tell You? hehehe i said I got Paid 50k? They even deducted Some money from It, Without Any well Explained reason That was done, We On Our own decided to call it "Tax or Online Transfer Fee", Well Back to The topic, Every day One Marija Keeps emailing us, trying to Build More close Relationship with Us, to keep Us steady awaiting For NO MORE PAY, By Now Many and Many More affiliates Started Coming in, Sooner we Became Worthless, Kellychi's Email Was No Longer attended to, Our earning Crawled Even More, I remembered My website Bounce rate Increased by Multiple Percent because of Mobofree Scam affiliate Program, Multiple times I had to say Okay Let Me stop But I found out I had Thousands Unpaid, Meanwhile My adsense Was Performing Better-off by This time.

Also Read: How to Check Your Website's Load time

i Taught of Giving it away, But Said Hell No!! Thats A Lot of cash You Know, Instead i removed all The ads, remaining Just 1 and i could barely earn 1 Cent, i mean $0.1 Per day, But wat do I Gain Or Loose? i still Need to Get My Money at The 15th day of The Month Right?

4. How I wrote A Good Review for Mobofree

Yes Upon All These I had to Write A good Review! LOL Yes Maybe it will impress Them and They will Lift My Conversion from 0.12 to 0.3USD Per registration, not that i was not okay with the $0.12 per Reg, But for The Fact that they were tricking Us By Manually approving 1 out of over 20 registrations or even More, it seemed as if Our sites had Poor traffic but not.

less i forget, i sent them the review, hmmm the only thing they could say was "Good Job!, with this review you can even bring more visitors to your site when they search for MOBOfree" OMG what did i Just read? i Replied Them, if i could earn More from the affiliate's affiliate link i made, They spoiled My day Even more by saying "For The Now, NO, all traffic Hits from Mobofree to External Links apart from your default affiliate Link will never show any earning", meanwhile i had already Broadcasted The Link and Got Over 1000+ reads.

i taught of deleting it, i said NO, They May see a reconsideration (maybe! its The One They later faced Me with, by Not paying me for The next month Hahaha... 'm not Joking here)

You Would Pity for Me On How I got My second Payout, just read on...!

5. How They Delayed My Second Payment

Yes August 15th Was Fast approaching, i said to My self, "after This Pay, NO MORE MOBOFREE On My Website Again" while still thinking, i was still saying to My self "even if they pay me all, i am still Going to write a review of them, for streesing payouts and poor earnings due their tweaking" (not knowing i would have even more worse experience that will take me this long while to write about.) Mtcheeew What a Life.!?

On 18th, Their complains was still coming, trying to calm us down. on 22nd i Moved to This Our new Platform/Design But same without Waploaded Media Mobile, i decided Not to spoil My New Look with Their Hagard-Looking Banners, still sending Loads of Email, They finally Gave Me a SHOCKER!!! "We Have Sent The Money to Your Bank Account But Your Bank Rejected it" all These Has Moved Into The early weeks of September. i Was Shocked according to The shocker, Why On earth Will UBA BANK reject a Payment That They Collected Last Month? immediately I noticed This Guys are Planning to ruin My effort.

Thank God i was'nt Having Their Ads On My website anymore, They would Have said I was sending Fake Traffic or Publishing Them Wrongly, Thats Why They Had to Ban Me, Or Were They Going to ban Me for Pausing My Publishing Campaign With Them? HELL NO!!

Few days To september 15th (payment Now rolled Over to Next Month), I BEGGED Them If there was another means, They said Paypal, But My Nigerian Paypal Couldnt Receive The Payment, The Only Option available was Airtime Recharge, i was Wondering What Will i do With over #40,000 MTN Card, Which would do Me good if It came Into My Bank "GBOSAA!!" i had no choice Man!, The Transaction Kicked Off...

First Day (morning) i received #5000 Alert MTN VTU transfer, (evening) Another MTN VTU transfer Now #10,000 all Together. i went To Them Asking Why i havent received full Payment, They told me The Payment Must Come Gradually and They Have Paid Me over 50% of it, i said NO, you Just Paid 1/4 of it, as i Have received just 10,000 out of 40,000, Their Normal Character Began, NO MORE REPLIES! i had to leave.

Next day 5000 VTU alert, none through Out Till The next day again, another 5000 VTU transfer all Now Becomes #20,000.

Waited for 2 More days No More Alert, it was then I knew i Shouldnt be expecting any More alert as They Must have reached 100% on their Own Part, i had to Relax, Though Contacted Them But NO Reply, What More can i do "Thank God I wasnt Blocked Like Kelly chi Who Lost over $$$$ i will tell you as you read on..)

6. How They Tricked Us On Earning

What More do I have to Add in their Trickery? Upon Having to Tweak Our earnings and Promising Us What They Couldnt Offer, i Will Not Forget also That They Promised us "after your second Payout, Your Conversion will Increase from 0.12 to 0.3", Even Up till Now, The 0.12 i see There can not even be called that, as it still marks lesser based on what i feel about their 1/20 conversion rate (meaning Your conversions will Not be counted not Untill 20 normal conversions are made HARDLIFE!!!)

7. How they Blocked My friends Account Cos They Couldnt Pay

hmm this Part Will Interest You!! HAHAHAHAHA, i told You That i will tell You about How kelly chi was Blocked? hahaha, i still Need to add How Danny Lost Over $700 USD second payout to BAN LOL (Wasted Efforts!!)
Yes, after That Time i received My First Payout, Kelly Chi became a friend to Gmail, as He would also either Login to remind them of His previous mail Unanswered, or Remind them He has Not received His Pay or is it to tell Them The Ban was'nt for Him?, But I knew One thing, He was Constantly Mailing them! OH poor Boy, I pity How he Lost Over $500+ USD on That Scam Platform MOBOFREE!!.

People say He Based His Hope on That Money, and almost Died When he Got That awkward mail, Maybe "YOU ahve Been Banned From Mobofree Affiliate Program" Oohh That Moment, I know He would still share Some Tears as if he Lost His DOG!! anyway a man is a Man, the Guy gathered Himself and Blow His Review about Mobofree too (Dont be In a rush, you will see the review Below soon).

Yes, This was How he was banned:

They sent Him screenshot of another P*rn Website displaying Mobofree affiliate Program (the site has a White Background)
it was Suspected to be ads from OpenAdnation, On getting The Ban Letter He told them, That That wasnt His website, But those Broke-ass crook Didnt even Listen To His mail There after

By then i Know The Boy will Be Pouring Insults On them, yes its certain Trust What a Naija Guy Can do!.

Danny On the Other Hand: Fell Sick for a Whole Month, WIth His phone off, We Even Joked About it That it may be EBOLA HAHAha, But Thank God it wasnt and The Kull-Dude is well, On getting to check his Mobo Account He Got to see Like $700+USD (GOBE!!! he has Crossed Maximum Payout LOL, Maybe awaiting ban).

Anxiously The Guy Called me and was asking Updates On Mobofree payout, i told them About how they toiled with me, virtually everything said in No 5 above, few days later, precisely today date of filing this post, The guy stormed My Phone with a funny headline MOBOFREE don BAN me Ooo, i taught as Much, and even congratulated him for allowing His earnings Cross 500, 600 and Now 700 Before the ban, or Maybe Their LION was sleeping and wasnt checking, Not Untill He came with the Payout diturbance, that Rose Their Wrath On The Poor Dude!..

What More can i say? Than: "BRO get Your Review SET" he begged me to Make My review today, (oooh I just Crossed Over to The next day On Writing This), Well he told me Yesterday to Make it so i started but completed it (21-09-2014).

NOTE & DISCLAIMER: You Must Wait till you Have a Bad Expirience Before Making Your Review about MoboFree, i Had no Licence to Talk about their Brand anyhow but for The fact they Toiled With efforts for 3 Months and the efforts of My pals, I guess They Worth Even More (God Punish Them!!)

8. The TruTh Why MOBOFREE Affiliate Program Will Continue Being a SCAM

What is Their major Source of Income? Is there a Guarantee That anyone Who Registers WIll Buy anything from Their MOBO Market? Even if They Get all The Traffic In this world without Monetization Can They Pay Affiliates?

The Bottom Line of all is, truelly, They Got Hammered By The BIG "G" thats Why they suddenly changed strategy!! i Pity Them and existing affiliates!.

9. Screenshots Proofs of My Claim Why MOBOfree Is a scam

Yes During One of The Conversation, I knew it would come upto This. What Do i have to Loose adding Up a Screenshot to this wonderful Post with Over 20,000 Written Letters

10. Other Reviews Written By Others About Mobofree's Scam Activities

You Can from time-to-time do a Google search of "MOBOFREE SCAM" i guess you would see More convicing Ones to read too, Meanwhile I will Drop Just Some few Links To reviews already Glanced Through.

Well Links Wouldnt Go Well As We Are not Yet Ready to Provide such Backlink, But We Would Provide you some screenshots of Kelly chi's Account.

What More Do I Expect!!! From You???

I have Taken My time to Write This, Within The post, I made a Disclaimer and Note to all, and Right Now its up to you to Be warned and Fore-armed.

Kindly Interact With Me Via Comment as We Talk About This Post and Share Your Views, You May End Up Leaving Your Backlink to Respective Posts Inline with This if you wish, Thanks and Take care.

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