How to Earn Money From Your Website Without Adsense

5 years ago

YES of course, you can earn from your blog without Google Adsense; that’s my reply to all those bloggers doubting if one can earn a steady income from his/her blog without Adsense. A lot of bloggers will agree with me when i say that getting an Adsense account these days is extremely hard.

It’s no longer as it was few years back when you’ll just create a free blogspot blog, publish some duplicate content, then apply for Adsense and get approved within two days. Today, Google Adsense puts a lot of things into consideration before approving a blog to join their program.

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What Is Google Adsense

Google Adsense is a program ran by Google that allows web owners to display advertisements on their webpages and earn revenue from clicks generated. That’s just the simplest definition of Adsense.

Adsense is no doubt an easy way to generate revenue from your blog but it’s certainly not the only way; I’ve come across tons of blogs earning huge without Google Adsense.

Bloggers nowadays (esp. newbies) have given Adsense such a reputation that it’s now seen as the only means to earn a reasonable income online. You’ll even find most quit blogging as a result of their Adsense account getting banned or not approved.

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If you happen to fall within the category of those with the thought that Adsense is everything when it comes to earning online, you are totally wrong and i’ll prove that to you. To earn from Google Adsense you need a good traffic flow and if you’ve got that traffic you can as well earn elsewhere.

For those that intend to shut down their blog as a result of their banned adsense account, that’s just foolish and by the end of this post you’ll realize that.

Below i will be listing out a number of ways to earn from your blog without Google Adsense. If your blog is still new, i’ll advice you get your mind off that Adsense account you are worried about and focus more on developing your blog.

How To Earn Without Google Adsense

Note that i practice all the below monetization techniques and from my experience with them so far they are performing great, there’s no doubt they’ll also work for you.

Offer Direct Adverts

Direct Advertising will always earn more than Google Adsense. But before you embark on this, you need to build enough traffic to your blog. If the traffic is already there, go on and create an Advert Page where you can showcase available Ad spaces on your blog. The amount of traffic your blog receives determines the number of advertisement opportunities you’ll receive.

Apply Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another great way to earn from a blog without Adsense. I’ve seen a lot of blogs totally concentrated towards affiliate marketing and are earning huge from it. Also keep in mind that it all comes down to traffic, just as you’ll require a good traffic to earn from Adsense, you’ll also require it to earn from affiliate marketing. Some of the best affiliate networks are Amazon affiliate, Clickbank, Commission Junction. I recommend you search for more profitable affiliate networks depending on your niche and country.

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Offer Services

You can get paid to do what you know how to do best. Take for example, if you have much knowledge on blogging, logo designing and other related stuff, you can offer the services on your blog. Your client will pay and you’ll deliver. If you are good at what you offer, you’ll definitely gain more and more clients and believe me; this earns more than Google Adsense and you don’t require that much traffic. For Me as An SEO Expert With Knowledge about Social Marketting And Currently Selling One Of My Product How i Earn Money from Youtube Without Uploading Videos You May contact Me if you Need It (

Use Alternatives

There are quite a number of Adsense alternatives available which you can utilize to earn from your blog. But as i mentioned earlier, i’ll only be listing out those i’ve worked with.
I’ve Applied for This Ads severally But they wouldnt accept me Because My site was On A Subdomain before, But In few Weeks when I get Back fully On Google I would re-apply but Note They are The Best Alternatives But for sure Their requirement is awsomely HIGH.

Another great alternative. Infolinks offers in-text based advertising and you can generate a decent income from them. Although i dropped them as they increased my bounce rate, it’s still one of the best choices if Adsense didn’t approve you.

You can as well research and experiment with other top Adsense alternatives such as Chitika, Ad fly, Bidvertiser etc.

Whenever i’m asked if someone can earn without Google Adsense, my answer is always YES! And the above practices have proven it to be true.

Before i roundup this post, i’ll love to give a quick advice to those that can’t get Adsense to approve their blog despite the fact that they have published enough quality content and kept their blog in order. I’ll advice you to look for a friend with an active adsense account and let him/her share the account with you. You can create Ad channels to track the earnings coming from your blog. (Please don’t practice this if your blog was banned from Adsense, you’ll be risking your friends account)

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