Nigerians Lambast Aisha Buhari For Posting Photos Of Daughter-in-law’s Graduation In The UK

2 weeks ago

Mrs Buhari on Tuesday shared photos of Zahra Buhari, who is her son, Yusuf’s wife, graduating with a first class on her official Facebook page.

Nigerians on social media have lashed out at Nigeria’s First Lady, Aisha Buhari after she took to her social media page to post photos of her daughter-in-law’s graduation from a university in the United Kingdom.


The wife of the President shared the photos of Zahra Buhari, who is her son, Yusuf’s wife, graduating with a first class on her official Facebook page on Tuesday.


Her post comes amidst a lingering strike of university lecturers, which has seen students blocking major highways, the Lagos airport in protest.


Social media users have also labelled her post as insensitive. A popular Twitter user, Henry Shield said, “Thousands of students are at home because our schools are shut, but 1st Lady Aisha Buhari is sharing pictures of her graduating family member. This isn’t about being insensitive, Aisha has drunk a full dose of the visible madness that has disconnected Aso Rock from the people.”


Another tweep, 21 Genius said, “Aisha Buhari is one of the biggest hypocrites we have. She had the mind to post her daughter graduating from a foreign university despite ASUU meeting still deadlocked. The Buhari family have to be the most insensitive and shameless people ever!”


Onyii Kalu Umex said, “Aisha Buhari is bold! It takes some level of guts to celebrate your daughter's graduation in the midst of over eight months ASUU strike. I salute her for deciding to rub it in at the most fragile moment.”


Reposting the first lady’s post, Dr Kel tweeted, “But the children of Mr Emeka Opeyemi Ahmed have been home for how long again because of ASUU strike?  Dear Aisha Buhari, please rub it in our faces. We are your powder.”


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Elizabeth Idemudia

U see the way the leaders of Nigeria are showing their children graduation ceremony for us to see, why the students of ASUU have been at home for almost a year now, but our president is not there,


Oyebade Obalola Jerry

The children of the main voters who brought this government into power are languishing in IDP camps and their daughters held captive by terror gangs.


Jonathan Yamai James

Buhari shaded tears before coming to power that he is having great pity for the common man . Today, the common man is the one shading tears profusely after giving Buhari power


Funke Sanni Manzuma

Wrong timing for this pictures to circulate in all honesty!🤔😾😢 Parents and students whose education has been on hold due to ASUU strike are bitter,some are crying!A mother told me how ASUU strike has affected her son's plans last week and bursted to te… See more


Augustina Okolie

I pray and decree that it will never be well with house ever or group of people who is behind this on going strike in Jesus mighty name 🙏🔥 , for months u people kept my children at home, many things bad has happen to this children this time and ur here… See more


Walter Chibuzo

Anybody who types "Congratulations" to her should have his or her mental health examined.


Shade Ajayi Osakwe

She's coming to design Nigeria when they will continue 2023 with her Architecture science, Then she will be appointed as minister of Architecture. Nigeria youths sit down there, the more you see,hear and read, the more you understand less and can do no… See more


Engr Joseph Alo II

I have being doing my Masters (MEng) since 2020 here in Nigeria and have not graduated due to constant strikes and corona.


The kids of these Politicians keep graduating every week overseas, at their various schools and institutions, just because thei… See more


Odinaka Okoli

I don't blame the leaders or politicians. My blame is on the people, the poor, the middle class, farmers, civil servants both military and police, students, youths, the old. I blame this people because they stood and watch while this is happening, the… See more


Ibraheem M Abdullah

When ASUU came up with strike some people will use different words to insult them, yesterday we saw a dilapidated school from Bauchi the other time was hospital in Enugu and they are all over the country government has abandoned them, in a rich country… See more


Mercy J Elliot

Really? you are Congratulating the daughter of the president graduating abroad while the home country schools are on strike 👏 👍 well done no shame.


Chukwudi Michael

So insensitive of them your children are graduating all the time, while Nigeria student are home since


David Ominyi

It shall not be well with them that's the truth of the matter. They destroys our own educational system completely, loot our collective wealth and then send their own children abroad for better education. As the Lord lives, the curses as a result of th… See more


Omo-Jesu Amadi AJ

Normally ehn, e no suppose better for some people but let Me leave everything in the Hands of God.

Our lectures doesn't deserve the best or our students?… See more


Williams Nbah Henry

Punch newspaper una try congratulating children of those that made other people children to be at home for Months congratulations to you too 🎈💣


Yuan Mayor

If not for a corrupt system we have in Nigeria, buhari daughter inlaw shouldn't have posted that pix.. Her own country is a mess and disaster in education and more..

Those politicians son's and daughters are laughing at us daily,,, they see us as mugu.


Sulaiman Afolabi

After all this shouting and condemnations you people will still vote for your oppressors APC after collecting 2k on Election Day


Clems Nwadighoha

The God of judgement will judge all the leaders that have neglected our universities but sends your own children out side Nigeria to study, you all will not live to enjoy them unless you do the needful iJn


Ekundayo Adetola

Very insensitive family. Is the first lady making mockery of Nigerian students especially during this ASSU strike?


Obanimoh Jerry

Leave buhari, the ASUU chairman children are schooling in abroad. Why can't ASUU chairman bring his own children to Nigeria university


Musa Ibrahim Ahmed

And some Nigerian students who have been denied better education are congratulating her.!! What a shame!! 🙄


Wapah Kelechi Ezeigwe

There is nothing more insensitive. Your daughter's graduation is not the core of the issue, we rejoice at that, but you bringing it to the face of many Nigerians who are sited at home at this times show how much empathy you may as well lack. You should… See more


Clarke Chrisnkeiru

Aisha buhari not sensitive this time that in Nigeria for good 7 months university students are at home 😔 she used to be concerned about her husband's government when buhari was there. They made her leave Nigeria so she not concern herself with anything… See more


Ani Emmanuel

And you must post in here even when our Universities are on strike. Our National dailies are gradually loosing its saltiness. Welcome to Nigeria where Children's of the elites attends foreign Universities while the others will be on perpetual strike.

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