MTKDroid Method of Changing your IMEI - Works For All Mtk Device

6 years ago

Evening guys, this tutorial goes to those who find it difficult to change their imei despite the fact that their device is an MTK device. I don't know why other 3 methods didn't work out for you but I'm pretty sure this will work out well.

==> Root Access on your Phone
==> MTK Droid Tools v2.5 download it here
==>Your IMEI - You can get this at the back of your phone it is a 15 Digits Number
==>Android ADB Driver – Depends on what phone you are using , but in most cases this Universal Driver Works fine []

Follow The Below Steps
==>Open the self-extracting archive of the MTK Droid ROOT and Tools and open the MTKdroidTools.exe be sure to run it as an Administrator, plug in your phone and be sure you have already root your phone and have installed the Driver for your phone. Once you have open the MTK Droid Tools it must detect the information of your Device.

==>Once it has detected your phone information you will notice your IMEI will show there but if you have error it will not show there and we will use this tool to restore it. Next you need to click the ROOT button so that it will temporary have Root shell access on your phone in order for it to make the script work on the
background. The colour will change from yellow to green. It will prompt this window to gain root shell access

==>Once you have the root shell access click the IMEI/NVRAM button and a new window will show Now all you need to do is put your 15 Digits Blackberry IMEI Number you generated earlier

NOTE: IMEI 1 DENOTES SIM 1 AND IMEI 2 DENOTES SIM 2. So change accordingly Then Press the REPLACE IMEI button and it will prompt you this window that it will replace your existing one After that
just reboot your phone and your chinko will turn into
a blackberry.

For Samsung users, Porting your device ROM to mTk is my next available solution and it will only take you 5min to do. I'll compile the tutorial and release it for you all.

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