Prophetess Ngozi Edemba Aka 'Female Oracle Of God' Launches 'The Pulpit' (Photos)

1 year ago

Despite the heavy downpour of rain on Sunday, friends, colleagues, church members and associates gathered in their large numbers to attend the book launch of Prophetess Ngozi Edemba (JP) aka Female Oracle of God titled, ‘The Pulpit’ at The Bible Guest House, Palm Groove Estate, Lagos.

The launch coincided with Edemba's birthday celebration and unveiling of her ministry, Vessels of Transformation (Mount of Remembrance).
Bishop Elijah Adepoju in his welcome address said the book is a must read for individuals that wants to go into the ministry and it will impact on their lives positively.

Ace broadcaster, Yinka Kenny told the audience that: as an individual, when you keep doing what you love to do, your work will speak for you. Whatever you have done over the years, someday that work will speak for you positively and you will receive favour and honour.”

Ahmed Qasim Adeniyi, a guest rightly observed that Edemba is someone God has called because she is good to people around her. She has empowered a lot of people and as a Muslim, he doesn't discriminate himself from associating with people from other religions.
Talking about the book, he said the book will help people that want to go into the ministry and serve as a guide to them.

Nollywood artiste and producer, Ifeoma Okeke commended the author on her birthday saying it is an awesome rainy day. “Happy birthday to my friend who has been with me all these years despite all the challenges we have faced.”

She disclosed she has known the celebrant for more than two decades and has really helped a lot of people through her foundation. She urged the author to write more books that will touch the lives of people positively when they read the book.

Elated Edemba appreciated the audience for attending the event despite the rain that she is honoured. She also thanked her husband and her children for supporting her when she was writing the book. She recalled that before now, she had tried writing a book but she could not because it wasn't the right time for her to write the book. Now she has written the book and it was launched at the right time.

She recalled initially that she didn't know how to commence writing of the book but she prayed and was directed to put all her messages in an inspirational. Sometimes, when she goes to preach at crusades, people do tell her that they want to be like her in the things she does. For example, they have been in the ministry but they don't know how to preach. She adds that she has put all her messages together into a motivational book for people to read and be inspired when they want to go into ministry. A lot of people do write messages but they don't know where the scriptures are found, so the book helps them find solutions to their problems while preaching.

She is optimistic that next year, August; she would write another stimulating book.

“It was the Holy Spirit that ministered to me and I wrote them down and when you speak it out to people, you would see great impartation.” when she goes out to preach, she sees people following her telling me that they have been blessed through her preaching and they have testified a lot to the glory of God.

She further speaks more about herself, Hear her: “My background is Celestial Church. I am a bonafide member of Olajuwon Tejuosho Cathedral, Surulere but the Lord has sent me forth, to have my own ministry where I can be more effective in praying for people. My ministry, Vessel of Transformational Ministries (Mountain of Remembrance, with God all things are possible), programmes are held every Tuesdays for counselling while Thursdays are for revival at Atinuke Shopping Plaza, Cele Expressway Lagos.

No matter how you see the challenge, with God everything is possible. This is my 29th years in the prophetic ministry and when it comes to pulpit, this is my 15 years on the pulpit as a preacher of the word of God.”

She recalled she started as a member in the Catholic Church and wanted to become a Reverend Sister but her mother said no because she gave birth to her and she wants her to also give birth to children because she wants to see her grandchildren.

Later, her friend invited her to a White Garment Church, though before now, she used to detest the church because they don't wear shoes and that how can she not wear slippers or shoes when she goes to church. Her friend invited to a naming ceremony and in that church, she found herself in a trance where she saw visions for people. The owner of the parish told them to leave her and she was there for seven days but that was her first day in a Celestial church, and that was how her journey started in the church.

“There are a lot of pastors with one challenge or the other and when you go to them for support, they will give you one excuse or the other not to support you.” Her ministry is set out to help the less privileged, widows in the society. She has carried out series of programmes where they have empowered them through the help of God. She has a charity organisation where programmes are executed to help the less privileged in the society. People have supported her by providing some of the items needed for the programme. “With that, you cannot preach the word of God to somebody that is hungry, they won't be able to listen to you but with the little help that you render to them, they will listen to what you have to say.”

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