"Three Sacred Things We Christians Abuse"

3 years ago

As rightly called, Christians are not the only worshipper of God; the Jews are as well. And going by the channel of the revelation of God to humanity there are many things, sacred things Christians abuse in the name of faith.

And though these things are not repercussive, yet, they spell our ignorance about the element of our religion, if one would be hypocritic about it, faith.

THE NAME OF JESUS: I was invited to a night vigil sometimes two years ago. Vividly I can remember the pastor honourably prophet asking us to shout the name of Jesus six hundred times. Well people shouted, I shouted then.

While this may not be the same for all churches, but I have come to notice something close in every churches: the repetition of Christ names before, during, and after prayer.

This is not supposed to be so. The name Christ is meant to be reverenced. Ask in my name doesn't mean abuse my name. So far so good, miracles done in the name of Christ in the Apostles were done not shouting in Jesus name.

In and fact, the first act of prayer done by the Apostle had no "in Jesus name' in it. They simply prayed, and the Spirit tendered the prayer in the name of Christ.

Every believer has what God called a seal on him, in that, when you communicate with God the seal do so in the reverenced name of Christ. Joining people to shout in Jesus name therefore may be extraneous or quite unnecessary.

THE BLOOD OF JESUS: Maybe it's ignorance I can't say or lack of foundational knowledge about what the great sacrifice is all about. The blood of Christ sanctifies.

And if we are willing to go deep into deep things, it protects but not the protection we Christians assumed for it.

The blood as a means of protection, is a shield not only for humans but as well for angels to prevent them and us falling into apostasy now, and in the world to come.

It is by credibility of the blood Michael will be able to defeat Lucifer in the second heavens, because by virtue of the blood, all God angels including Michael are immune to Lucifer s£duct!on. Defeating them by the blood doesn't mean they will be shouting "I cover you in the blood of Jesus."

TITHING: It may not be that obvious, but tithing is sure a sacred thing as far as God is concerned. But well so well not what Christians understand it to be.

Tithes are meant to be paid by farmers and farmers alone in the then land of Israel. This is because the Levite had no land to cultivate, no portion was giving to them.

So speaking, to do what God as always wanted for humanity, he commanded a tenth of 'farmers' produce to be given to the Levite so as to prevent lack in the land. The Levite had no land to cultivate, but our pastors to be do. They have places to work.

Payment of tithes in churches should serve a means of providing for everyone's need in the church.

This, the apostles understood by distributing every thing the church had to every members. To live and survived, the apostles like every one else, worked with their very hands.

Of course there are more, but these ones concern us the most. We have the prophets, Psalms and the law, let's read them and learn the truth for ourselves instead of disgracing ourselves and God.

And if we fall into the 'grace only' category, then let us study the acts of the early church and save ourselves from this modern hypocrisy.

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