CONFUSION!!! Church Claims Nigeria’s Oldest Pastor Is Not Dead

6 years ago

The Gospel Apostolic church where Pa Samuel Sadela presided has left the media and the country as a whole confused as to whether the oldest pastor in Nigeria is dead or not.

Indications emerged yesterday that Pa Samuel had given up the ghost in a Lagos hospital, but the church fervently denied it.The church security guards told reporters that it was only a mere rumour and the 114-year old man is still alive.

A senior church member, Mr Atode also told a reporter that the man was still alive and he urged the public to discard the rumours.

‘’It is a mere speculation that the old man is dead. Though he is aged, he still performed his church roles until last Sunday.

“Perhaps people are apprehensive that he was absent last Sunday, but believe me, the man is alive but hospitalised.

“If such a thing has happened, the church would have announced it,” he said.

Shockingly, when reporters got there later yesterday evening, a condolence register had already been opened, while an official statement was still being awaited, with the people around insisting the man is still alive.

It will be recalled that, the pastor who always feels young at heart disclosed last year while celebrating his 113th birthday that he wishes to live longer.

“I feel happy to be this old. Actually, I feel like a young man. I still enjoy my meal of Iyan (pounded yam), Eba and bush meat. I sleep whenever I want to and wake up stronger I want to live longer to prove to all that God remains the same as He was in times past. If Methuselah could live for 969 years, God can make me live well beyond 113. If Noah could be 950, it is not too much for Him to make me live up to 200.”

As it is, we are still not sure if he is alive or not, as the church is yet to make an official statement.

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