Ladies:- How She Took Your Boyfriend

6 years ago


*While you were ignoring him
on whatsapp.. She was giving him attention.

* While you were out with your friends She was with him

* While you couldn't take his
calls, She phoned him.

* While you were busy, She was giving him all of her time

* While you were not available, She was his shoulder to Lean on

* If you want to know how She
took him from you, it was like taking a candy from a baby.

* While you were never there
for him, She offered to spend some t?me w?th him..

* While you slept without
sending him a text, She wrote him a poem telling him how handsone he is.

* The more She made him smile, the more She won his heart.

* The more She gave him joy, the more useless you became to him.

*He didn't cheat on you.. He
got tired of your BS.

* If you must know; you lost
an angel and She found him on her way home

*He tried to phone you to give him one last chance but as usual you never listen, so he gave her what was yours

* If you want to know how she got your boyfriend

* She learned to listen to him

*She learned that smaller things makes one happy

* Most of all She learned to love him the way he wanted to be loved.

* So don't feel bad when you see them walking together

* Never Take Anything Or
Anyone For Granted,Because That Someone you taking
for granted Somebody ?s
praying to be w?th .

What Still Stands Is That
Someday Someone w?ll Look at that person Like they are The Best Thing In The World..

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