Surgeons Replaces Man’s Thumb with his Toe after It Was Sawed Off During An Accident

11 months ago

Accidents do happen in the Work-place from time to time, and injuries sustained as a result of it can change one’s life entirely or even leave one with the trauma of it their entire lifetime.

We’ve been across several work-place injuries that happened this year and one of them worth mentioning is the one that happened Around October (this year) involving a 21-Year-old construction worker who fell off the 40ft Winter Wonderland structure which was in construction in North Staffordshire, but that’s not the story for today.

Today, we’ll be covering the story of a man whose thumb was sawed off accidentally while making a wooden item in his garage.

Mr Aiden Adkins, who’s from the state of Michigan in the United States of America, sometime around April this year, got his thumb sawed off by accident while making a wood-work in his garage. Immediately his thumb was sawed off, he began looking for it but to no avail as it was no-where to be found. He was rushed to the hospital afterwards where he was admitted and informed by the surgeons that he had only about 4 hours to provide the sawed-off thumb for them to have it re-attached, but still, yet the thumb wasn’t found by any of his family members who went on looking for it.

While checking for other medical options that can be applied to get his thumb back as he’s a lover of target practice, the surgeon suggested a standard practice in plastic surgery which was first successfully performed by an Austrian doctor in the year 1897. It was explained to him that the surgery gives him an option to either be without a thumb or have one of his toes replaced as a thumb for him.

At first, he rejected the idea and informed the doctors he needs time to think about it, but after about 4 months, he came back to the hospital informing the surgeons of his new interest to undergo the surgery which normally takes about half a day and a team of four surgeons to get done; as he preferred having a missing toe to a missing thumb. The Surgery was later performed successfully on the 20th of August, 2019 and Mr Aiden now has a new thumb.

It was also confirmed by his Occupational therapist, Kelly Nye, at “Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital's Hand Therapy Program” that his new thumb bends and moves freely just like the original thumb he had. In her words, she was quoted as saying “That's the most motion I've ever seen out of a toe-to-thumb transfer."

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