How Can Someone Cheat On You BUT Still SayThey Love You?

6 years ago

Some people aren't ready to end a relationship/
marriage when they cheat.
In fact, many BFs/GFs/Spouses who are caught
cheating actually never intended to break up or
get a divorce. This is very confusing and
frustrating, for the betrayed ones who are living
in this situation. They often hear things like "I
swear I never stopped loving you." "My cheating
has nothing to do with you or our relationship or
marriage." "It has nothing to do with my feelings
for you."
How are betrayed BFs/GFs/Spouses supposed to
believe this?
What is love anyway?
How can you claim to still love someone during
and after you cheat on them?

Is it possible?
Is it possible that cheating can actually strengthen
a relationship/marriage, reveal the reasons why a
BF/GF/Spouse cheated,
find ways to curtail future
cheating, as well as help you understand yourself
much more intimately?

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