How To Get Pink Lips Naturally

5 years ago

Looking beautiful and attractive has been identified as one of the tools towards achieving great success in our career. So we want to enhance our beauty by creating a smile that is always catchy and one of the ways to achieve this is with the ever-admired pink lips. Many people are not lucky enough to have natural pink lips instead having lips that are pale and dark which is not appealing to the eyes. Pinks lips also give people a sense of confidence as they believe in their beauty.

Not everyone is born with the not so appealing dark lips, it can occur because of different reasons including dry temperatures, stress, exposure to direct rays of the sun, low blood circulation to the lips, failing to remove lipstick, using low quality cosmetics, smoking, using too much fluoride especially in toothpastes, chemotherapy and chewing tobacco.

Having that naturally looking pink lips is very achievable . Many people think it’s expensive to look make their lips pink but it’s not. There are lots of home remedies that can help you. I am going to share some very potent and easily doable ones.

Note that you must be ready to be diligent and meticulous to achieve the desired result.

Ways we can get Pink Lips

Moisturize Your Lips
The skin of your lips contains a small amount of sebum (an oil), you should always keep them moisturized if you want them to always be fresh, nice and therefore pink. Apply petroleum jelly or lip balm and if you are inside, use some coco butter or lip gloss. If you want your lips to be soft and pink, you must keep them moisturized.

Use Pomegranate Seeds and Milk
This is another efficient way to lighten dark, dull lips. You can create that beautiful pink color by using pomegranate seeds. Crush up the seeds and mix it with some milk. Apply this home remedy to your lips regularly, you will see them becoming redder and fuller. The fantastic thing about this remedy is that there are no side effects. These seeds are sold in some shops in Nigeria.

Cucumber Juice
This is another great way to reduce the darkness of your lip, you can just apply a bit of cucumber juice on them. Simply slice a cucumber, rubbing it against your lips to allow the juices to soak on. If you do this for five minutes each day, you can lighten your lips to a pretty pink color.

Lemon Juice
Another home remedy is with the use of lemon and some sugar. Cut a thin slice from the lemon, sprinkling a bit of sugar on top and rub your lips with it each day. This works well because lemon works to naturally bleach your lips, returning them to their light, pink color while sugar will exfoliate dead skin cells.

Strawberry Mixture
Strawberries have many benefits that are great for lightening dark lips. All you need to do is make a paste using strawberries and mix it with some aloe vera juice and pure honey. Apply this paste and leave it on for five minutes before rinsing it off and replacing it with an homemade lip balm. This is effective because berries have many vital vitamins and minerals that can keep your lips healthy and therefore vibrant.

Mix Honey, Almond Oil and Sugar
What you can also do is to mix sugar, honey and a little bit of olive or almond oil. Apply this to your lips, massaging it in for ten minutes. You will share the results.

Remove Makeup Before Sleeping
One of the most common reasons people have dull lips is because they don’t take off their makeup. That is why you should always remove it before bed. Simply put a bit of olive oil or almond oil on a cotton ball and rub your lips with it gently.
NEVER sleep with your make-up on.

Scrub with Toothbrush
You can also achieve pink lips by scrubbing your lips with your toothbrush every night after brushing your teeth.You should only use a soft brush this can remove the chapped, dry skin that forms around your lips, making them appear fresh.

More tips for making lips pink
1. Smoking should be avoided. Smoking not only deteriorates health, but also makes lips dark.

2. Avoid drinking excess of tea and coffee. Caffeine is an important factor for dark lips.

3. Avoid direct contact of sun. Constant exposure of U.V rays results in dull lips. Lip balm with at least 15 SPF should be applied to lips in case you are out in the sun.

4. Avoid licking lips as this can make lips dry and chapped.

5. Eat skin nourishment food with minerals to make lips beautiful. Fruits and vegetables are a good source of vitamins and minerals that nourishes our skin.

6. Drinking 8 glasses of water every day will help to keep lip skin soft and prevent it from dying.

Stay Healthy!!!

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