Blog Reader Needs Your Advice... Urgently

6 years ago

Dear Waploaded,

I have this problem and I want you to help me post it on your blog for fellow blog readers' friendly words of encouragement.....

I have this ugly and shameful scar on my right hand right from childhood (at the age of 2) through hot water, which has really disfigured my hand (wish I could snap it and send to you to see how ugly and terrible it is!). This scar right from childhood has always downtrodden my confidence and pride as I can't flaunt my hand during hand shakes with people, friends and neighbours, or eat confidently at dinners meetings, and at parties as I will always hide it, using my left hand stylishly to eat! I always avoid hand shakes!
Long before now, I couldn't dare wear clothes with short sleeves. I was always on long sleeve shirts or tops with long sleeves or any clothes with long sleeves, be it gown or whatsoever! But now I'm gradually trying to wear short sleeves clothing but still it's not easy for me.

This scar makes me run away from meeting people especially guys cos what they will notice after my facial and body beauty (which I can't deny God cos facially n body wise I'm very beautiful) is my hand! And I hate to draw pity/empathies from people cos what they all say after seeing my hand most of the time is... 'eeeyah....ha! sorry dear. Pretty girl like you, how did it happen/what happened to your hand'?

According to my mum she said I was around a year or 2years thereabout when it happened. That she didn't know I had crawled from the living room where I was playing to the kitchen, that all of a sudden she heard me scream from the room and by the time she ran out to see what happened....I had dipped my right hand into the pot which she soaked the vegetable she wanted to cook in hot water!

She said she did all she could to make the scar go but till now I tell u's as if it happened just yesterday, the scar is really bad making me lose my confidence in shyness and shame, cos I'm not proud of it at all!

Right now, I'm still believing in God for a life partner (I'm old and matured in my 30s) who will be proud of me cos I've never given myself the chance to date any guy even wen they come and profess their love and never minded my flaw. But yet, I couldn't be confident enough to say yes to their proposals cos I'm scared if he would be proud of me before his friends, colleagues and family with my ugly beast-like hand!

So Laila please, I want to know if any of your blog visitors is passing through such and how they are coping with it. Or if they know anyone around them that has any scar issue and how they are able to raise their heads high in pride.

And lastly, words of encouragement to lift my spirit and pride. Thanks and God bless. Cheers.

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