Must Read : My Advice To My Female Friends.

6 years ago

If you want to live a happy life and enjoy your relationship,stay away from these type of friends I mentioned below:

1.Girls that always rate themselves very high

2.Girls that always rub their success to your face

3.Girls you don't know their actual source of income,yet they live a flamboyant lifestyle.

4.Girls that always come to tell you "my boyfriend/husband bought this and that for me"...(that makes you feel your man isn't doing enough,and once you start having such feeling,it affects your relationship unknowingly)

5.Girls that always flow with the trend,any new cloth,shoe,bag,phone,etc that comes out,they must buy it (especially when you don't have much money or who to buy for you,run from such friends because they will push you into temptation)

6.Girls that believe that a man must settle all her bills...such ladies are lazy and can do anything to get money.

7.Girls that tell you "God forbid,I will never marry a poor man" or "I will never marry an ugly guy" or "an old man"(they make it sound as if its a taboo to marry such a man,this in one way or the other affect your own thinking)these set of girls in most cases end up marrying men that are much worst.

8.Girls who keep multiple relationship and see nothing wrong with it.

9.Girls that looks down on you,always making you feel inferior

10.Girls that puts fire when you seek advice from them relating to your relationship.


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