10 Romantic Tricks You Must Try to Make Your Girl Smile

6 years ago

The path to a man's heart can be found through his stomach. But guys, it is certainly not so simple when it comes to your lovely ladies! So, what is it that you must do to bring a smile on her face?

Flowers, a box of chocolates or something else, are a few things that must be circling your mind. Well, shut your mind off, and let your heart do the thinking this time.

It is not just about celebrating those important occasions of life; we are talking about sweeping her off her feet every day. With our help, you can certainly do that. Just keep reading to know how.

From start to the end
We know, she is on your mind when you wake up and when you go to bed. So, why not tell her that? If you two live together, then a good morning and a goodnight kiss should be added to your daily routine.

Otherwise, a quick text message is all it takes to tell her that you love her. Sending messages abruptly amidst a busy schedule or when she is at home would make her feel special and loved. But, just don't overdo this. A refreshing change in the routine is enough to make her smile!

When a "thanks" is enough
Of course your relationship is not a formal one, but a simple “thank you” can make her feel happy. Whether you have just started dating or have been married for 10 years, this is a trick that never loses its charm.

You must recognise her efforts for loving you unconditionally and doing little things to keep you happy. So, bring her favourite dessert when you come back home from work or just hold her hand as you have dinner together.

Hug her with love
A hug from you would make her feel loved and secure. Not only that, it would definitely bring a smile to her beautiful lips when you decide to surprise her with a casual hug. Just hug her tight from behind to shower your love on her.

There is no way she wouldn’t smile on that. Well, if nothing else, then as you two are talking, pull her into your arms and casually plant a kiss on her cheeks.

A kiss on the forehead
Nothing can make a girl feel more cared and loved than a casual kiss on the forehead. Yes guys, it works magic on your lady love, and you should certainly try it!

Just pull her into your arms, when she least expects it, and plant a kiss on her forehead. This will take her with surprise and will genuinely make her smile. Try this especially during the times when you see some trouble brewing in your happy paradise. This one kiss will make her realise how truly you feel for her.

A soft public touch
Do not indulge in too much public display of affection (PDA), but holding hands in public maybe while crossing a street or entering a friend’s party or while sitting with your family is mushy enough. Treat her the same way in front of your friends as you would do when alone (well, just keep a check on the intimacy levels though!).

A little physical contact in front of people would make her feel that you are proud to have her in your life and you enjoy her company. An ear-to-ear smile is guaranteed!

Compliment her
Do not call her hot or s*xy, but beautiful! Yes, this is one compliment that would make your lady truly smile- beautiful. Also, praising her for being the perfect woman in your life is important.

Appreciate her for her actions, especially in front of your friends, siblings and parents to make her feel special and respected. Screensaver shot Save her photo as your screensaver on your phone or laptop.

Just when she is thinking that you are inexpressive and never tell her how special she is to you, she sees her photo fade in and out on your phone screen. This will also ensure that you are never known for being an unromantic sweetheart!

A love note
Expensive gifts are not what she is looking for. A love sign in the form of a romantic handwritten love note on an unexpected day can make her fall in love with you all over again, apart from making her smile. Don’t believe us? Try leaving behind a small, handwritten and heartfelt love note in her bag, and just be ready to see her smile all day long!

Show that you care
Give her your blazer, if she is feeling cold.
Give her a relaxing foot or back massage, if she is weary and tired. Help her with household chores on days she is unable to handle it. Or, just offer to help her in the kitchen on the weekends. Once she sees how helpful, caring and genuine you are, she will smile not only with her lips, but from her heart as well.

Weekend getaway
There is nothing more special like planning a short getaway to a resort or an exotic locale away from home.

It does not have to be an over the top expensive location, but just good enough to offer you two some alone time. Spending a night or two away from the city life can help restore love, energy and calmness in your relationship.

It is quite simple to keep the zing alive in your relationship with a loving message, a simple phone call and some thoughtful gestures. And, it will surely leave a beautiful and bold smile on your sweetheart's face!


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