"I So much Love YAHOO BOYS" - Awogor Matthew (See Why)

8 months ago

An Internet user - Awogor Matthew popularly known as Meekezy, creator of Profitable Ideas Club and the founder of Sendfix Digital solution has made shocking revelation backed apt reason which states "I Love Yahoo Boys".

Incase you don't know, Yahoo Boys or A Yahoo Boy is a term used to describe internet fraudsters in the western part of Africa, Nigeria. Loving, Liking or Living like a yahoo boy should always be kept as a secrete, well, Meekezy came out plain to say, he loves Yahoo boys and his reasons will shock you.


A Waploaded correspondent contacted Meekezy, and here is what he had to say as to why he loves these set of fraudsters.




If only we corporate in Nigeria in legit businesses just the wat yahoo boys do.

I admire the corporation and commitment those guys put in their projects.

Don't get me wrong...

10 G/guys can come together get 1 crip for 1 year run their game and before / after 1 year of commitment, maga go done fall and they move.

The emphasis is TEAM WORK forget the negative topic.

I know how many of my friends I have tried to bring together to execute one project or the other within a period of time and move and it always end in lack of commitment because everyone has their own plans which they don't want another person to know.

We prefer to do it alone to keep 100% of the profits which is totally okay.

When you even tell them your own, they use it against you if they can.

We prefer trial and error for 5 years to start making constant 50k per month.

A lot of you still sleeps in your parents houses, ask them for data subscription money and even ask for pocket money.

Most of us didn't have that opportunity which put us in a very tight position to struggle to survive and that survival is what has always pushed us to be part of revolutionary impacts, solutions and not problems etc.

Team work pays, alone you can grow fast but together you can grow faster.

It's not until your face is used to design a flyer or a business card that makes you a CEO. Just like you can call yourself a CEO of a 10k per month business and no one will best you.

Truth is, you can become a CEO in a company that your face will never appear on any brandings and still be impacting lives, providing solutions etc.

2021 give your brain a rethink.

It all boils down to we that are using every language just to sell digital courses.

Be your own boss be your own boss na so Amaka go resign her 120k per month job ooo now she dey beg to survive.

Tell people the truth about the information you are selling.

Forget copywriting with using KILLER KEYWORDS like be your own boss just to sell and mislead the buyers.

Na 26 days remain ooo Coronavirus year is finished... What will be your excuse in 2021 for not being a part of something?

OK bye

What's your take on this? Do you love Yahoo Boys? Are you a Yahoo Boy? Do you Support or Intend to become one? Why do you think we have yahoo boys?

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