How to Create No-Limit Virtual Card, Use for Online and Facebook ads Payments

3 years ago

Good news for those who are really finding it hard making dollar payments as a result of Monthly Spending Limits on Nigerian Cards.

In This write-up, i will show you how to created a paypal account (without any restrcitions) and How to Pay Online Bills and Facebook ads with Virtual cards, this is seriously good news to importers, adverts managers and bulk foreign buyers!

How To Create a Vitual Credit Card with

  • Visit their website =>>
  • Signup and fill correct details
  • Login to Your account wallet
  • Click On Cards Sidebar Link
  • Click [+] Virtual Card to create new card

After successful creation of card, you will be prompt to make payments with your choice of card! Select NGN from the Tab there, Type in amount in USD you want to load into the card, minimum amount is 1 USD, follow the rest process and violaa your card is created and ready for use!.


*. Every Virtual Credit card created uses the expiry date of the card used for its loading
*. To Get your CVV code, simply hoover on the created card.

How i Paid For Facebook Adverts Using the Card!

After Loading about 50,400 into a card i was so nervous when facebook did not charge the card after accepting it (Maybe its due to my account)! i had to create a fresh paypal account linking my card in it.

How i Created and Linked the card Successfully:

  • i Simply Visited ==>
  • Registered an account with a country as UAE
  • Added a UAE phone number that exists elsewhere
  • Used my real names as shown in the card
  • used the Card ZIP no. (could be found under settings of the card to be linked)
  • Filled a random address
  • Nextpage, Filled card details and all is done and created

NOTE: i used my Nigerian IP, and it all worked perfect.

I then linked the new paypal account to facebook and it worked perfect as expected, then i was charged and right now am running series of adverts back again!

Up Next: How to Load funds into the Cards

Sofar, Do you have a Question to Ask? Drop your comments Below! Unlock the below and Get an important info before heading to create your own card!

[hide]currently on filing this post, new card creation is under maintenance! try again sooner and for any assistance drop comments, i could create a fresh card for you! or sell one :)![/hide]

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