Moment cops tased unarmed black teen as he screamed for his daddy (video)

2 weeks ago

Videos shared on Instagram by a user has angered viewers after three police officers were seen forcefully detaining a black teenager.

In the video, the boy is seen running out of his car with his hands in the air as officers pointed guns at him.

"I'm going to my door," he told the officers as he ran to the door, screaming for his daddy, and the officers went after him.

He was tased and when he fell to the floor, one of the female officers is seen kicking him multiple times.

They asked him to stop resisting despite the fact that he was on the ground already and told them as much.

When his father made it to the door and asked why they tased him, they said there was "pot" (weed) in his car.

When his father complained about the excessive force used on his son, the male officer warned him that he was going to get "it" next if he doesn't keep quiet.

The Instagram user who shared the video did not reveal the location where it happened.

Other Instagram users tagged Black Lives Matter activists to the video and also tagged news sites.

Some activists have reacted, condemning the action of the officers.

Filmmaker, Yandy Smith reposted the video showing police brutality and wrote: "WTF!! This baby is calling for his dad, scared to death.

"Non-Violent and you’re tase him causing temporary paralysis then kick him repeatedly in his spine?!!! WTF ARE YOU DOING?!!!! I know! Trying to kill him! Who are they?! Names please. Let’s make this Go viral for their savagery. Take their badges!"

Below are reactions and the video.

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