SARS Officer Who Tortured Young Man To Death Now Commands SWAT

1 month ago

Nigerian Special Weapon And Tactics operatives commander Yusuf Kolo alleged to be the brain behind the young man tortured to death in 2014 has been promoted.

Nigerians have for the past 1 week been protesting against the brutal killings by police officers in the country.

A post from BBC News Africa has it that, Officer Yusuf Kolo tortutred a young man in 2014 leading to his death.

This was an investigation done by the BBC AfricaEye in the earlier 2020. Now the same officer has been given the opportunity to command the new Special Weapons And Tactics Operatives (SWAT) which was created after Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) was dissolved.

The IGP Adamu Mohammed in a stated said there will be SARS officers in the SWAT team yet the commander of Officer of SARS now command SWAT

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