Matrix 4 Will Change Film Industry Like The Original Says Star

1 week ago

New franchise star Jessica Henwick says that director Lana Wachowski will change the film industry again with The Matrix 4. The original movie, released in 1999, was a groundbreaking sci-fi action film, becoming a global box office smash and spawning two disappointing sequels. Directed by The Wachowskis, The Matrix blended kung-fu, sci-fi, philosophy, and elements of paranoia thrillers to create a unique world in which audiences could immerse themselves. Only one of the Wachowskis, Lana, is returning for the fourth movie, but original stars Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Ann Moss are returning too, boding well for the film.

Henwick is one of a group of new stars in the franchise, starring alongside Yahya Abdul-Mateen II (Watchmen, Aquaman) and Neil Patrick Harris (How I Met Your Mother). Mateen has spoken in the past about how the new movie connects to the original franchise. Still, there is also speculation that this outing could represent something of a reboot for the franchise, with Reeves and Moss perhaps handing over the reins to the pair of Henwick and Mateen. Little is known for sure, with the plot being kept under wraps for now.

Speaking to about her new movie Love and Monsters, Henwick had time to discuss her role in The Matrix 4, teasing that Wachowski is doing things she's never seen on set before. Henwick, who has starred in big-budget franchises like Star Wars, Game of Thrones, and Iron Fist, says that she believes Wachowski will "change the industry again," with The Matrix 4, referring to the lasting and profound impact the original had on popular big-budget cinema. You can read her full comments, where she also discusses sharing the excitement of working on The Matrix franchise with Mateen, below:

There are definitely moments on set where Yahya and I look at each other and we just go, "Matrix 4." Those pinch me moments. Yeah. Lana is doing some really interesting things on a technical level in the same way that you know, she created a style back then. I think she's going to change the industry again with this film. There's some camera rigs that I've never seen before that we're using. That's probably all I can say for that."

Henwick's remarks echo those of Harris, who also says that Wachowski has something planned that will be different from anything that's come before, saying the original trilogy's signature visual style has been updated for The Matrix 4 in innovative ways. Increasingly it sounds as if the movie will take action thrillers in a new direction, just like The Matrix did. Naturally, the movie's stars wouldn't say any different, but the signs are positive nonetheless.

One wonders just how different the movie will be. Hopefully, along with the technical and visual ingenuity will come a unique approach to the story, too. While The Matrix was hailed for its unique premise, the sequels doubled down on plot and became increasingly long and confusing. Wachowski will have to balance the need to impress with a tight, strong story if The Matrix 4 succeeds where the other two sequels failed.

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