Police Find Signature Forging Machine Used Against Bartomeu

2 weeks ago

The process of removing Josep Maria Bartomeu through a vote of no confidence has hit a new bump in the road. ‘La Vanguardia’ are reporting that the Guardia Civil has corroborated the existence of a signature forging machine.

https://i0.wp.com/storage.waploaded.com/images/ccd0dd82344e33a0a839c59caed01a77.jpgJosep Maria Bartomeu has lived through some very dramatic events in his time as Barcelona president. The minimum number of votes for his vote of no confidence has been reached, despite the suggestion that some of them are fake.

‘La Vanguardia’ have reported that the vote of no confidence could end up in front of a judge after an employee of the Catalan club called on Colonel Baena to denounce false signatures.

Now, even more information has come to light. The Guardia Civil would be able to corroborate the existence of a signature forging machine, according to ‘La Vanguardia’.

A Guardia Civil confirmed the machine’s existence to a Barcelona lawyer as well as the location. The Guardia Civil will investigate the matter further and then bring charges if necessary.

All of this comes after the election board validated 19 532 signatures against Bartomeu. These would be enough to bring down Barca’s president. The next step is that the board of directors will set a date for the hearing.

‘COPE’ revealed voting slips from the referendum. There were three options; one which asked for the president and the board to resign, another that asked for the continuation of things as they are, and a third that was an abstention.

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