PlayStation Accidentally Makes Bloodborne Free On PS Plus

4 weeks ago

Sony seems to have accidentally listed PS4 exclusive Bloodborne as a free game on the online subscription service PS Plus. The service hosts a small selection of free games available for subscribers every month. The official free games for the month of October were revealed recently; they are arcade racer Need for Speed Payback and RPG Vampyr.

Bloodborne is an acclaimed RPG, with sinister gothic themes that would incidentally make it a great pick for the month of October. It's a standout title from legendary RPG developer From Software, and its similarities to that company's flagship franchise Dark Souls earned it an honorary role alongside the games, in a genre/franchise that's come to be known as "Soulsborne" games. Bloodborne defined the PS4's library when it launched in 2015, and despite rumors of a PC port, it has remained an exclusive for five years.

PS4 owners who missed the game's launch back in 2015 might have accidentally gotten a chance to visit it now. As reported by Game Rant, the beloved RPG is showing up as a free title for PS Plus users, despite never having been announced as such. All evidence points to this being a glitch in the PS Plus system; for instance, while Bloodborne is listed as a free game, many players have found themselves unable to actually download it. Some have speculated that the bug might be due to the game's inclusion in the PS Plus Collection, which assembles 18 classic PlayStation 4 titles on the PS5. This is just speculation, however; it could also be a simple, meaningless bug.

The future of From Software is largely uncertain. Fans are still waiting for Elden Ring, a new project from the developer featuring worldbuilding created by the legendary George R. R. Martin. It's been so long since that game was announced that players have started designing it themselves. From Software is responsible for some of the most beloved video games in the world, Bloodborne included, and if fans are latching on to this bug as evidence of something greater, it's easy to see why.

Ultimately, Bloodborne appearing on PS Plus is a simple mistake, and likely nothing more. Mistakes do happen, especially with online services like this. EA Play, for instance, recently encountered an outage when it released a free early access trial of FIFA 21. For the lucky PS Plus subscribers who are actually able to download Bloodborne for free, October is sure to be an entertaining month, full of terrifying monsters and gruesome death. For everyone else, hopefully Bloodborne will finally arrive on PC sometime soon.

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