Remy Ma Says Big Pun Wanted Eminem Collaboration

2 months ago

Remy Ma reveals that Big Pun was patiently waiting for a collaboration with Eminem: "That was his goal."

A few days ago, Fat Joe premiered an unreleased duet between Jadakiss and Big Pun, which he initially received from DJ Green Lantern. Before premiering it on his "Fat Joe Show," the Don connected with longtime Terror Squad collaborator Remy Ma to reminisce about the legendary Big Punisher and his career. In the moments before unveiling the battle-themed track, Joe ponders what prompted Pun to challenge Jadakiss over other emcees.

"Let's be clear, Jada is one of those guys that stood the test of time," praises Remy. "He didn't get wack." Joe asks whether Remy and Pun had ever discussed Jadakiss together, prompting an interesting revelation about Pun's future desires. "The only discussion we had," she states. "And he put it to me, and he's talking about doing a song with anybody, any cypher. [His] goal was to kill everybody. So at the time, that's when 'John Blaze' was out, and 'Banned From TV.' He felt like out of all those records, he had to watch for that muthafucka Jadakiss. Cause he gon' do what he do. But I can honestly say that he was waiting for Eminem. That was his thing."

"He was like 'I can't wait to get on a track with him,'" continues Remy. "That was his goal. Out of his lips, he told me. He cannot wait for the song to come with him and Eminem. That's what he was waiting for." The news prompts Fat Joe to unleash an excited "oh my God!" Remy echoes the sentiment. "I was like, I can't wait neither!" she laughs. 

"You know Pun would have went blow-for-blow," reflects Joe. "They'd have been on triple time." Remy adds that the pair were very similar when it came to wordplay and imagery. Considering that Pun passed away in February 2000, it's likely he was familiar with Eminem's Slim Shady LP and the features he did for Dr. Dre's 2001. The thought of hearing those particular emcees trading bars on a late-nineties banger is enough to make any hip-hop head crack a wistful smile, including KXNG Crooked, who claimed that "rappers would’ve been killed in the crossfire" upon its release. Check out the conversation below. 

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