Here’s A List of 7 “Free” Wizkid Songs That Will Make A Hit Worthy Album

2 months ago

There are times Wizkid just decides to surprise us by dropping a free song—no promo, no video, just vibes.

It’s happened not a few times, but we’ve lost count.

Man just wakes up and decides to drop something today with no prior notice. And those singles or projects do well. But they could have done better if there was publicity or even a video for these singles.

We’ve decided to compile some of these singles into a mini-album of 7 songs. Short and sweet. And perhaps if you have any song we’ve forgotten, you could recommend.

1. Sisi Nene

Old. But it was during these times, post-superstar album Wizkid was experimenting with his sound. Finding inspiration for his next album.

And he had a run of singles. Sisi Nene was one of those ones where Wizkid goes on to a document his feelings for a strange girl.

The magic of this song is where Wizkid makes a connecting with the mid-tempo beat: “Oya sisi nene roll am, whine am for me roll am for me”

2. Picture Perfect

Wizkid wasted this song. Till date, many still say this. Because it’s most people’s favorite on “Sounds From The Other Side”. But then no video for this beautiful song.

The lyrical depth, the sparkling chorus and the earwormy melodies Wizkid puts in this track is just too hard to ignore. Such a sweet song.

3. Like This with DJ Henry X

If you remember the strides Wizkid took in 2016, he was just gracing singles with foreign artists. After the huge success of One Dance, man’s expertise was sourced for greatly.

And he didn’t disappoint. And here was another loosie with Dutch DJ, DJ Henry X.

And here, he delivers with story about his current state of mind, adorning it with catchy flows and colorful melodies.

4. Medicine with Masterkraft

After the release of Sounds From The Other Side, the lukewarm reception of Nigerians to the record was noticed by Wizkid and he had to return from his American sojourn to drop some new local tunes.

Sources said on his return, he recorded an album in one night. One of such tracks was “Medicine” released with Masterkraft to evade his label problems.

Jumping on the pon pon beat template, Wizkid brings his usual honeyed, unhurried delivery, showing off his romantic side.

5. Highgrade feat. Ty Dolla Sign

When this track dropped as part of the trifecta of loosies Wizkid freely released in 2018, not much attention was paid to this song.

A couple of years later, it’s such a slick song.

You would wonder why this isn’t an official song. The combination between Wizkid and TY is just so effortless and perfect as they trade lyrics about love.

6. Lagos Vibes

Wizkid has this knack for singing about love, we all know that. But the amazing thing is, with each fresh release, there’s something new to learn from the love specialist.

Here, he’s introspective. And over the melancholic guitar chords, he goes in smooth, expressing his intentions towards his muse.

This wonders of this song is underrated.

7. Nobody But You feat. Wale

Only day 1 Wizkid fans will know about this song. The young Wizkid with the care-free flow we enjoyed on most songs on his debut album.

And the beat helps to hone home his feelings.

Dotting piano melodies, creating an ambience for Wizkid to glide in with his ear-grabbing hook. His vocal range is so cool and you would want to play this song again: “And everywhere we go/Wizzy music killing it/My people say dem feeling it“.

For sure, we were not able to include some of the other sparkling tracks Wizkid has freely released. Make your own list below!

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