DO YOU AGREE? Hardship, Poverty, Frustration Is The Reason Why Nigerians Get Angry Over Every Little Thing!

2 months ago

I’ve come to realize something among angry Nigerians lately. Poverty is the reason why many of us gets angry over anything and everything.

An average or poor Nigerian is always aggressive and bitter. “A hungry man is an angry man”. Absolutely correct.

I will use Dino Melaye, Femi Fani Kayode & Pastors for example.

Femi Fani Kayode
Some weeks ago, FFK was in Calabar if I’m not mistaken. I don’t know what took him to Calabar but he was there.

While on press conference with some few Journalist, a Daily Trust Journalist stood up and asked FFK who bankrolls his tours. The question didn’t go down well with FFK, for that reason, he provoked and lashed the journalist with all sort bigotry words.

When Nigerians heard the news, they got upset. Started blaming, insulting and trolling FFK for the outbursts.

But in real sense, that question from the journalist was a stupid one. A very silly, unreasonable and unnecessary question.

How much is flight ticket within Nigeria? With a million naira, you can tour around the whole 36 states of Nigeria. Is the Journalist trying to say that FFK cannot afford that? A lawyer and former minister of Aviation?

Come on guys, there’re other pressing and reasonable questions to ask. Such as why he decided to tour around Nigeria, his aim and all that. Instead of asking who bankrolls his tours. Like seriously? Lol

Only a poor man can think or ask such question. If the Daily Trust Journalist boards flights always, he wouldn’t have ask such question. Flight ticket within naija no cost na. 20-25K you can fly to anywhere within the country.

Dino Melaye
Some days back, Dele Momodu visited Dino and decided to look around the cribs. You all knows Dino’s way of life. He started showcasing his expensive shoes, wrist watches, cars, gadgets and all that.

The moment the video pop up on social media, Nigerians became angry. They started questioning his source of wealth, asking EFCC to probe Dino. That’s what poverty can do. A rich person wouldn’t think or say such.

Nigerian Pastors/Men Of God
Whenever a pastor purchases a house, car or private jet for himself, boom! Nigerians will start boiling. They will abuse and troll the living hell outta the Pastor’s life.

That’s poor man lifestyles and way of reasoning. Americans doesn’t do such. They have more important things to charge their spiritual leader(s) for, not because he acquired a house or car for himself.

Pastors are human being too. They do business just like everyone of us. Pastors are not responsible for our hardship in this country. Let’s hold our leaders, Buhari and Co.

Let’s channel our anger and disappointment to the ruling government. They’re the ones responsible for the hard life here.

Then you as a person, what is your purpose in life? Why are you here? Is your life tied to the Nigerian government? Think bro!

The world at large is corruption. No part is 100% perfect. There’re poor people in America in case you don’t know. How you plan your life is all that matters.

I ask again,

What is your purpose in life? Why are you here? Is your life tied to the Nigerian government?


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