I NEED UR HELP!! My Friend Said I Should Take Care Of My Babe That She’s Very Good In Bed (WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?)

3 months ago

Am serious about this matter my naijaloadites family

This happened last night when my babe came to visit me and I’m staying with my friend in a mini apartment.


I and my girlfriend were not in good terms before she came yesterday and my friend was able to notice that misunderstanding.

She did something that provokes me which is more of the reason why she came to beg me, till she left I refused to listen to whatever she tried to say.

Immediately she left my friend entered and sat me down to tell me why I should forgive and forget.

He said to me;

That girl didn’t deserve all this maltreating, you’re suppose to be pampering her. She’s a good girl, I can see how she used to watch your clothes and other house chores whenever she comes here, she even knows how to cook and she’s as well good in bed.

I have to save the last part of his words. 🙄🙄 My girlfriend is good in bed. How do you know? Am asking him in my head.

But the funniest part is she’s actually good in bed, but my concern now is how did my friend know? Am very sure he’ll later realize he has said something that shouldn’t have come out of his mouth.

I’ve been overthinking since last night, I couldn’t sleep well self. I need your help, please.

What Do You Think Is Happening? Or Am I Just Thinking Too Far?

Drop your comments

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