LET’S TALK!! N5,000 + N5,000 = N9,948 – Which Nigerian Bank Is That?

3 months ago

Seriously, this shit dey vex me 😣😣

At times, I use to think of collecting my money in cash instead of sharing it with bank people that won’t even thank me.


Some banks in Nigeria are on this table, but I won’t shake the table. I’ll leave that for you guys to call them out.

So the gist is somebody sent N5000 to me and I already have N5000, in the next hours I see some mumu debit saying my balance is N9,948 say dey dn comot one money to maintain my ATM card weh dey my hand.

Sometimes they’ll cook another excuse just to remove money from my account.

So guys, let finish them 👇

N5,000 + N5,000 = N9,948 – Which Nigerian Bank Is That?

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