MUST READ: How I Overcame Marijuana Addiction

1 year ago

Firstly, if you are a smoker, advice: start eating as many fruits as you can till you overcome the addiction.

Smoking is a fast way of killing the body cells, in fact, very fast.

All these post of smokers are liable to die young ain’t a joke. Eat fruits and drink water adequately(I trust smokers, them no go believe grin ).

I started smoking marijuana when I was in my Final year back in school (if I had started earlier, for me o, I don’t think I can graduate).

In the beginning, it was all fun, the journey was blissful, no problems, just a young man enjoying his life on a low key. I was introduced by my friends of course, they introduced me like joke like joke.

Then I started smoking continuously like joke like joke. The feeling was good, like really good. I don’t do all this Tramadol, Refnol and all other drugs (they are actually all the same thing).

I always tell them (friends) it’s chemical that weed is natural (God made it). I don’t really like alcohol too (I always say they are damaging their liver).

I can defend weed with my life. I will bring out health tips and benefits of weed. I was a brand ambassador of weed.

Mind you, if you see me, You wouldn’t know I smoke marijuana, that’s a trait of weed smokers (don’t be deceived thinking all weed smokers have a thick voice or always look like thugs on the street).

Very secretive because we know people will judge us and say stuffs like “haa your life don spoil, haa your life don finish (tho this is not true, The life is actually finishing gradually on a slope).

I smoked all through final year, I smoked even before going for final defense. Weed was like a best friend (didn’t know it has turned to idol, that’s always the end point). There are two types of weed smokers:

the loners (they mostly like smoking alone),

the group smokers (they mostly like smoking with friends).

I was mostly a loner. After graduating, when at home, weed was starting to be of less effect on me, the thing does not do me anything again, so I climb the ladder.

I started with SK, a higher level. At this point, been an educated smoker that cares about his health, I started getting worried because I personally knew I was damaging my lungs (all smokers knows this but choose to ignore).

I decided to buy a vape pen (its a device for smoking with less smoke). The original was 45k, the chinese brand was 15k.

I bought chinese. I used it for a while. Then I realize this vape pen can blow anytime and I will just die. I just went back to my smoking of blunt (the normal paper weed = roasting of lungs).

At this stage, I forget things easily, my decision making was poor, my financial management extremely poor, I started becoming an I don’t care kinda person, I started getting dehydrated easily, my body system started changing because of the smoke, my productivity was getting low.

It affected my finances, I am always broke, it affected my relationship, it affected my whole life.

Weed smokers always have supporting strikers (these are bad habits that the weed gives inspiration/ginger/vibes to do). It can be sex, masturbation (Pornography), gambling, playing games, wasting time doing nothing (scrolling social media/internet) etc.

I was a gambler and self service personnel. Things wasn’t going well, mind you, You won’t be able to tell anybody, You will just hide it to yourself.

Depression gang arrived (drugs always lead to depression in the end).

NOTE : The moment I started thinking of quitting weed smoking, that is when it was as if world war 7 just started in my life.

If you are a smoker reading this, and you are still enjoying it, You won’t have any problem, but the moment you start trying to quit, chaiii, its when the battle just start, just go and wear armor.

The struggling started, I will stop for three days, am back, I will stop for 1wk, I am back, there was this time I stopped for Six good months.

I started praying then and getting serious with my spiritual life. I was already like, finally, I don escape. I don’t know shaa, I find myself dere again, this time, it was crazy.

I smoked SK till I started not feeling anything again. I then climbed the ladder to “loud”.

At this stage, I wasn’t happy with my life personally, but I can’t stop. I didn’t give up, I wouldn’t lie to you, I received grace from above to be able to overcome, sincerely.

All praises to My Maker. Now, if you like, put weed in my front, I will just be looking at you.


Trust me, you gonna lose opportunities taking drugs because you would be too high to see opportunities.

Mindset is all that matters. You will need to distance yourself from those friends. Weed will always make you feel like the world is crumbling and that you should not stress yourself and just smoke. It will make you take stupid risks. It will change your attitude.

If you want, You can be religious and also a hypocrite but the truth is don’t deceive yourself, any addiction you have, face it, be fearless, and don’t give up.

You will overcome!!!.

Many are feeling the vibes of weed now, sincerely, they don’t know that it is an institution. Parents check your kids because they will never tell you. I told my mum when I overcame by grace, she was just crying, I was just looking at her like, why is this woman crying.

Any Addiction you have on earth, Don’t give up, You are not a Slave. Be Fearless!

Please know this as well, all those inspirations, thoughts, vibes that comes when high is from Demons/unclean spirit(I am 100% sure).

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