This Is What Happens To Your Body If You Eat Two Bananas Every Day

6 months ago

Bananas are very easy to get and almost every health guru have a nice relationship with this curved yellow fruit. Some people say that it is good for you while others warn against eating it.

Confusing right? This same curiousity led to finding out what really happens when you eat at least two bananas everyday. The results are pretty amazing.

The following positive results happen:

Obviously, bananas are rich in sugar and some people (diabetics) have to take extra caution when eating it. If you exercise and eat mostly healthy foods,then you can expect the following to happen if you start eating two bananas a day.

1. You Get More Energy

The carbohydrate in bananas will give you more energy because the energy is absorbed slowly over time. In a contrast view, snacks sweetened with granulated sugar will give you an initial burst of energy, but it wears off quickly.

2. Your Muscles Won't Cramp As Often

Ever woken up in the middle of the night with muscle cramps? You can try to stop thios from happening by eating bananas. Bananas contains high level of potassium which helps the muscles from contracting.

3. You Will Encounter Less Heartburn

If you often suffer from heartburn, then banana should be your best friend. When eaten at the onset of a heartburn, a banana will provide immediate relief by neutralizing the acid in your stomach.

4. It Fights Anemia

If you have iron deficiency, you can remedy it by eating bananas. Bananas are rich in iron and they increase red blood cells.

5. Improved Bowel Movements

Do you ever find it difficult going to the toilet? Then eat a banana. Since bananas are rich in fibre, eating them regularly can make the toilet an easy task.

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