The Nigerian government should provide every citizen a ‘stimulus package’ – Yemi Alade

7 months ago

Nigerian singer Yemi Alade admonished the Nigerian government to see that every Nigerian has access to a stimulus package if they really want quarantine to be a success.
She stated this in a recent post on social media, saying that those in political power beed to help people to take care of themselves if a lockdown is going to be effective.

In many countries around the world, governments have provided a package to citizens – either through cash, tax reductions or cancelling utilities to enable its people deal with the economic downturn brought by lockdowns.

African countries who are considering similar lockdowns cannot seem to do it because the government has made no move to provide a package to the citizens and people will literally go hungry if they are forced to stay home without working and government provides no assistance.

So Nigerian singer Yemi Alade has called on the Nigerian government to provide such a package to citizens before they will agree to stay home.

Check her post below…

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