No matter your degree, Only a man can award you the title Mrs. so be humble – Man advices ladies

7 months ago

A netizen has sent a piece of advice to ladies, especially those who for one reason or the other feel superhuman and become dismissive and arrogant towards men, calling on them to be humble.

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The man, identified as Nana Adu said some women attain higher education and all of a sudden think they’re more human than any man who comes their way, especially those who come in the name of love.

He added that, irrespective of a woman’s educational background, the titles and the certificates acquired, it is only a man who can award her the title ‘Mrs.’, alluding to marriage. He therefore adviced that they should calm down and be humble.

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“As a young & beautiful LADY, u can hv Bsc, HND, Msc, or PhD, Just be humble bcos it’s only a MAN dat can award u MRS." he wrote in a Facebook post.

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