How to Download on Waploaded

8 months ago

Download Music or Videos on Waploaded is easy but we know some users may still be finding it hard, hence this tutorial.

For Music:

  • Visit the music page

  • Scroll down and click on Download Mp3

For Videos:

  • Visit the Video / Series page

  • Scroll down and click Download

Some Errors, in case you still can't download:

  • Invalid file: Some very old videos on Waploaded may be not downloadable because they no longer exists

  • 403 Forbidden: The file path can't be found and not downloadable

  • No Download Link: Some nollywood movies may not have download links

What to do when you encounter errors

  • Click on the report Icon ⚠️ by bottom right of screen

  • Email with the page link and errors you are facing

Note: Make sure to be on the page you are reporting, input your valid email so you can get feedback from admin and make sure you send as much information as possible so we can help fix and reply you that it has been fixed.

Watch video on how to download on Waploaded

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