10 Lovely Things You Can Give Your Partner as Valentine Gift (No. 3 is Super Romantic)

6 months ago

Valentine is here. It is another season for lovers to exchanged gifts and renew their vows. Previously, we have had our partners display their love for us with gifts that are unromantic. It is either boxers for guys or shawarma for ladies as they are always after going out and all. Here are 10 Lovely Things You Can Give Your Partner as Valentine Gift.

Valentine day is special as it comes once every year. Few days from now, on February 14th, we shall be celebrating another lovers day, exchanging gifts and reigniting their relationships.

Thus we need to device new means to celebrate our loved ones and buy them gifts they never expected. That your lover loves going the cinema or eating pizza doesn't mean you must take her to see a movie or get her pizza on valentines day. You need to surprise her. Give her something you haven't given her before,take her where she has never been to. By all mean, create a new memory this valentine.

This is why we have gathered 10 Lovely Things You Can Give Your Partner as a Valentine Gift.

1. Perfumes

Affordable and sweet flavored perfumes could be all you need to spice up your partners day and them them smiling. They are common but actually mean a lot most especially when the best of perfumes are being given.

2. Wrist watch

Won't you be glad to get a perfume from your spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend? Of course you will. If you can't afford gold, silver or the richard mille branded wrist watches, the exceptional ones sold on the streets could go a long way to light up your partners day.

3. Wigs

I don't need I need to remind you how wigs have grown to be a basic need for ladies. Simple get her a wig and she will forever remember the 2020 valentine present you gave her.

4. Clothes

Simple, common, affordable and yet catchy. Nobody says no to clothes as a valentine gift especially when they have always wanted to buy it.

5. Underwear

Though many have publicly condemned this, it will still go a long way to make them happy if they could get an expensive underwear as a present. Get them underwear that are matured, expensive and sexy. They'll love it.

6. Clipper

Damn! This is me! Many guys could afford a clipper but have never bought one. Get your man a clipper if he falls into this bracket and thank me later. My babe knows I need this (even though I don't have one).

7. Gadgets (Phones and phone accessories)

Will I reject an iPhone 11? I bet you'll beat if I do. Ear pods, phones, laptops, tablets, etc will do the magic for you and your loved one.

8. Customized pillows, key holders, teddy bear, etc

Don't just get your spouse a teddy bear or pillow, customize them. Write your name and something special to him/her. This is romantic.

9. Chocolate & Cup Cakes

Most people will prefer properties but if your spouse or lover is a foodie, get her chocolates or cup cakes. Ensure you get her something they could relate to. That is something they love.

10. Necklace, Anklets, Bracelets, Waist Beads.

These are the new trends. More than 70% of ladies are in love with waist bead and anklets. Choose the jewelry that will swipe your lover off his/her feet and get it for them.

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